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Here’s a new episode of the Hot Box. What do you need to know? Bj from the Jamhole and I talk to CEO of Trees.Delivery Marshall Hayner. Keep reading for more links, and show notes for the marijuana news we discuss. Topics include what’s messed up with Montana’s medical marijuana, some ridiculously misleading headlines, taking cannabis oil in school for epilepsy and autism, and a bunch more people get sick smoking that fake ass weed bullshit. All this and a great interview with Trees.delivery CEO Marshall Hayner. Thanks for checking out the show!

Check out my latest Weed Review over on Stuff Stoners Like. It’s the ACE of Spades! Props to my friend Jade for posting the picture.


What is Trees.delivery? Here’s what you need to know. Be sure to sign up on their page, because you never know when they might be delivering to a spot near you.


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The Montana Attorney General is trying to destroy the state’s medical marijuana stuff. They are trying to reverse Reynolds ruling that providers, or growers, of the weed stuff could advertise, providers could receive payment, and a doctor could prescribe to more than 25 patients. Tim Fox in the Attorney General’s Office filed an appeal to reverse the provisions made to Senate Bill 423. Pull your head out of your butt please. It’s crap like this that makes me live in Washington. Hopefully one day they will figure it out and I can come back home and work in the industry of my choice.


There’s an interesting long read on Buzzfeed about how wax is weed’s next big thing and no one knows if it’s safe. I know my shit is safe, is yours?

In the misleading headlines of the week category… This article on the Baltimore Sun titled “How 5.9 grams of marijuana landed man in prison for 20 years.” It’s odd that the crack is nowhere on here.

The next article comes to us from Kfor, and it states, “Oklahoma man facing multiple life sentences for selling, possessing marijuana.” What it fails to mention is the three prior felony convictions, and the fact that he was a registered sex offender who failed to register and happened to have a bunch of stolen shit. Sure, the pot jars labeled from a Colorado dispensary don’t help his case any, but the weed is the least harmful thing this asshole was involved in.

It’s cool we actually found a CBD tincture that helps BJ’s seizures. Thank you Barter Faire!

If you smoke that synthetic weed bullshit, you could get sick, and it might completely mess up your night. It’s sad that you have to resort to that because drug tests happen in order for certain types of employment. Things definitely need to change. A bunch of people in Mississippi are getting sick from this dumb shit.


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