HBP 142: The Right Side of History


“It wasn’t unicorns and rainbows, bro.”

Halloween! A day dedicated to debauchery and allowing your alter-ego (costume) out of your inner consciousness, because it’s acceptable to be whatever you want….for one day only. Wouldn’t that be terrible if we only did those for ONE day a year? It’d be like only going to church on Christmas! Oh wait, see what I did there? Just a thought, don’t be afraid to be unique.

Speaking of unique, here is another episode of The Hot Box Podcast! This makes it three weeks in a row that Ian Baker has been back with us. Also means that Mat Lee has been delivering content in addition to supplying the knowledge and connections (of all kinds ie. Clean drinking water, dirty bong water and the skills to produce multiple shows) for a grand total of 142 shows…. much respect.

This week we jump right into discussing Attorney General Cotter’s press release to the Associated Press. This is the first he has spoken about the cannabis ‘situation’ in Montana, post DEA raids. “Manageable” and “Right side of History” shouldn’t be in a press release about the effect of the DEA’s raids on our local area. Sadly he truly is gloating about his mission success (With names like Operation Smokejumper, and Operation Smoke Jumper) with such ‘dedicated’ confidence I wouldn’t be surprised he had an enormous “mission accomplished” banner hanging behind him aboard the U.S.S Ignorance. What does that even mean to be on the right side of history?

We’re sure you’ve heard or seen the current poll results on the acceptance of legalizing cannabis for recreational use. Who hasn’t? Fifty two percent say aye, and less than fifty percent are still saying no to drugs. The few percentage points of polled people that I haven’t mentioned, we figure they just ‘aren’t sure’. How can you have not decided yet? What is keeping you on the fence?

As we discuss our thoughts of how many generations have accepted the ‘reefer-madness’ mindset, other ideas about how much we can actually know about the public’s opinion about the use of cannabis in say the 30’s.

Did marijuana need a “Madison Avenue” type Marketing scheme? Elected officials and others feel that is the only purpose of combining the words “Medical” and “Marijuana”. Guess we’re busted. Mat’s frustration becomes apparent, in a post-cannabis raided world, he isn’t even able to give pot away. What’s worse? Disagreeing with studies and research done conducted at Harvard University is obviously a requirement if you work for the Government.

Can people that we know (not just off the T.V) able to get elected into a local/state government job? Maybe that’s something that happens as you age and your generation achieves those goals. In other news, New Jersey now has a local cannabis celebrity. The youngest medical marijuana patient in New Jersey is named Vivian Wilson, and she’s two and a half.

Among other laws passed during the last legislative season, social workers are now required to report child abuse to the ‘authorities’. That wasn’t the protocol before? And as if this makes you feel any more protected from police harassment, officers are no longer to perform strip searches in non-felony offenses where a weapon is not suspected. They could do that before and not break the rules, now when they do it they are armed with a perfectly vague response. “I suspected a weapon based on the suspects obvious uncomfortable body language”.

Cannabis Refugees? Ian hadn’t heard the term in this context either. How far would people go, or have people gone to obtain a better quality of life in which they have the freedom to decide about cannabis on their own? There are enough people that will/are moving across country that the term Cannabis Refugee was coined.

Even Miley Cyrus has accepted that marijuana isn’t as scary as people used to think. Sorry Miley, get out of ‘Montana news’ web searches. I don’t think that anyone would ask for her opinion… right?

Can’t resist talking about how helpful the Washington State liquor board with their recommendations on how to press forward with the state’s medical marijuana laws. What is the plan here I wonder because soon you should be able to buy the stuff as long as you are over 21 and have a photo ID. Opinions then come to light about the difference between “medical marijuana” and recreational cannabis.

Ian wonders if residents of Washington State and Colorado haven’t wanted to call in to our show for several different reasons, ranging from being concerned about jinxing the whole deal, down to having to clarify that he is NOT trying to set up any exchanges, deals, buys or anything else shady.

Can you believe some people think that women smoking herb is not cool? If you feel that way, reading Gawker will make you feel like you aren’t alone, at least for a short, short time… Again… You know, one more time? Just once more! Let’s get this straight, who thinks smoking pot is ‘cool’ anymore? This is 2013. We don’t have to think something is cool to use it. Is wiping your ass cool? Not really but it sure serves a purpose right? Maybe the guy that thinks that ladies who smoke herb are just ruining their chances of ever being one of the cool kids, has a strong stance towards women doing anything to take care of themselves or make any decision for themselves. Because appearances are everything right listeners?

Lastly for episode 142, a dramatic reading of, drum roll please…. A comment from Ed on the last episode of the Hot Box. Read by Mat Lee with a perfect delivery.

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