HBP 141: Common Core Cirriculum


“We as christians don’t want our kids indoctrinated.”

After discussing a touchy subject of the priority of shopping and Ingress… A few questions are asked about expensive glass. Can you afford a thousand dollar piece of glass? Us either. Would you feel comfortable even using this piece? Letting your friends use it at a social gathering? Nope. Let’s talk about weed stuff.

Ian explains the Common Core Curriculum from an elementary point of understanding this new legislation that is being implemented around the country. The federal government bribes the individual states in order to get them to accept these new standards. Higher education standards sound like a great idea of course, but it is the first time the federal government is getting involved in local education.

Using a bribe of millions of federal funding dollars forty five states have accepted this legislation. Except for Alabama of course… because they have decided their own system of education and scoring schools is more better.

Looking at how similar the reactions are to Common Core to Cannabis we find there are two distinct sides of this topic.  Are we as Americans unable to form our own opinion?  With Common Core, as well as Cannabis people’s opinions seemed to be formed by the talking heads on the ol’ TV.  Creating a higher standard of education (supported by the teachers) can’t be all that bad right?

Some research groups as we discuss are inherently bias.  For example Glenn Beck’s source for his information is provided by  a foundation ran entirely by religious extremists that obviously have a particular orientation to new concepts…

Bottom line, consider educating your kids in the home how to critically think so if something questionable comes across the childs desk at school he/she will have a better chance of discerning the meaning of said material.  Not to mention do your own research and form an opinion of your own before you fall into line.

Reschedule Cannabis?  Hell yea!  Reschedule other hallucinogens all in the name of science?  Sounds like a great idea!  Advancing our understanding of consciousness seems like a noble pursuit to us, and David Nutt agrees.  Robert Bonner disagrees… Nutt vs. Bonner.

David Nutt wants certain drugs available to him for research.  What is the hang up?  Well, the FDA must approve the research you performed.  How to get approved to research such things as say cannabis?  Well the DPHHS must approve your intentions and once that is completed you must apply with NIDA (National Institute of Drug Abuse) to obtain said drug. NIDA has a supply monopoly of legal research cannabis.  That means they control ALL of the cannabis that the FDA will allow research to be performed on.  Once the research is completed then you have to fulfill Robert Bonner’s five criteria before they will consider rescheduling.

They are as follows….

  • The drug’s chemistry is known and reproducible
  • There are adequate safety studies
  • There are adequate and well-controlled studies proving efficacy
  • The drug is accepted by qualified experts; the scientific evidence is widely available.

NIDA has all but promised they will not allow enough cannabis to pass through their door to complete enough research to even begin to sway any federal organizations opinion on rescheduling cannabis.

Yes the government is up and running again, efficient as ever.

In a statement accompanying the Nature Reviews paper, he said the (drug) laws amounted “to the worst case of scientific censorship since the Catholic Church banned the works of Copernicus and Galileo.”  – Nutt

Will our government ever take the noble position of admitting they were wrong about the war on cannabis?  Would they let the non-violent cannabis offenders out of prison if the scheduling was changed?  What if while you were in prison you performed a violent act, your first, after being sentenced as a cannabis offender?  I didn’t think so either.

Elsewhere in Portugal, they are planning on selling cannabis for a dollar a gram.  In the U.S. after the first of the year in both Washington State and Colorado anyone should be able to purchase and consume cannabis legally.  No you don’t have to be a resident to participate either.  Something to look forward to if not plan a trip to these states.  Even the states say that it may increase tourism.

Ian’s still curious about what a citizen of either Washington State or Colorado’s experience is like currently.

We speculate on what it’d be like to find yourself tripping balls in a hospital… and considering the implications mentally on a subject that may find themselves in the company of people that don’t respect or have any sympathy for hallucinogenic experiences.  Do you think that after a prolonged period of time would you find yourself ‘used’ to the influence of a psychedelic?  After several days?  Mat sure doesn’t think so.

Imagine agreeing to a 30 day study of said psychedelic substances.  Would it be in a clinic’s room, a padded room, or in the world abroad?  Could you handle being under that influence for so long?  What would be the protocol for something like this?  Maybe we should ask David Nutt.

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Wrapping our show up, we discuss how some people are being denied medical cannabis and forced to take only their chemo.  Shouldn’t you be able choose your treatment after getting the C card?  That’s cancer, not cannabis card.

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