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“My beard is going to be gray by the time that happens.”

Welcome back to the Hot Box marijuana podcast. It’s been quite the hiatus and a ton of stuff has happened while we’ve been off doing other projects. Thanks for sticking with us and checking out the show. I hope you all have had ample time to get yourselves caught up on all 139 episodes of the Hot Box. Mat Lee and Ian Baker back to kick around some cannabis news, and tell you how we think it is. If you have any questions or comments, you can always email info@hotboxpodcast.com or leave us a message at 406.204.4687.

So there isn’t really a federal government right now, which is neat. The world keeps on spinning. If you can’t do your job, then you’re fired. It should be as easy as that.

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Let’s start things off here in Montana with HB 168. Are you familiar with the marijuana DUI law? This is a completely ridiculous thing. Try doing your job and legislate something more scientifically sound. Prove impairment and let’s call it a day. There is no way you can say that an individual is a criminal because they have 5 ng per ml of blood. It completely differs person to person on an individual basis.

Speaking of having THC in your system, check out this AMAZING pamphlet entitled, “Marijuana Impaired Drivers in Montana.” It’s been a while since I’ve seen such professionally silly shit. Check out the Montana Common Sense Coalition’s page on Drugged Driving for more of this ridiculous anti cannabis fear mongering propaganda.

A couple of my other favorites include this article entitled, “Marijuana: Impairment Kills” and the weird propaganda like infographic thing that starts out with, “Marijuana, poison for your body and brain…” Someone should really take the time to sit Rebecca Sturdevant from the Montana Common Sense Coalition down and properly educate her on cannabis and it’s effects. Or at the very least, give her some help with her fallacious common sense.

Do you trust your local law enforcement to not be shady?

There’s a new city ordinance being considered in Denver that could make the site or smell of cannabis illegal. Basically turning neighbor against neighbor, which is in the best interest of the government. They want to keep the people divided, because if the people unite, it’s game over for the worthless bloated authority. Might be best to play it safe for now and smoke at home, and possibly in the park, assuming there isn’t any tattletails around.

Would you rather bump into someone who is blazed up on cannabis, or wasted drunk on alcohol? Yeah, the cannabis person each and every time. Why? Because drunk people tend to be annoying as FUCK.

So you found a possible treatment for marijuana addiction? How much does this cost? Is this really a thing? Are we reading out of the Onion? You might as well say you found the treatment for people addicted to sex and chocolate while you’re at it. How are those side effects treating your patients?

Maine might be next to legalize recreational marijuana. Good luck Maine. On November 5th, voters in Portland Maine will decide whether or not to legalize marijuana in city limits. From the article, “Voters are widely expected to pass a citizen-led referendum and enact an ordinance to legalize recreational marijuana for adults over the age of 21.”

In Colorado, it’s time to Vote Yes on marijuana taxes. If you got one of these in the mail, scan it and send it to us. We’d love to take a look at it’s wording. Everyone should be happy to kick in a buck or two per bag of herb they purchase that would go towards fixing the school system. Don’t over tax it, but tax within reason could be quite helpful to the community.

In good ol cannabis science, Dr. Ewa Kozela of Tel Aviv University in Israel found chemical compounds in marijuana that help treat multiple sclerosis-like diseases in mice by preventing inflammation in the brain and spinal cord. This was published in a study in the Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology.

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