HBP 139: Pot Comedian


“Make life suck less, and we’ll smoke less weed.”

It’s May and we’re back to check in on the state of drug policy and marijuana. How’s it looking since we last looked? Pretty much the same. Not so great. That’s ok though, we have some great stories to talk about this evening. The next show will be next month, so make sure to follow us on Twitter and the rest of the social networks. We always post before we start a live show. Thanks for checking out episode 139 of the Hot Box. Here’s some notes.

Stop posting pictures of your stupid lottery tickets on Facebook / Twitter / Google+. It’s stupid, the lottery is stupid, and you should stop wasting your money.

Tommy Chong says the legalization of the weed stuffs could very well save the planet. Well at least the country. I’m glad we have such iconic supporters on our side. Check out the article here.

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but the Hangover movies are stupid. Not sure what this has to do with weed. Oh right, I remember now.

On the other side of the fence, Jimmy Carter endorses SAM and says he expects the experiments in Colorado and Washington are going to go horribly wrong.

If you enjoy the show, help support it.

Apparently Washington can’t deal with both medical and recreational cannabis use in the same state. This is stupid, of course you can.

Oh yea, and I’m not a fan of naturopath quacks either. Can you tell?

In some positive cannabis news, we have a couple studies to discuss. I like how this is a Fox news story. Have you ever measured your waist size? That just sounds funny to me for some reason. Why are you measuring my poo? Anyway, here’s a study that shows cannabis helps diabetics.

Cannabis is also shown to help those with Crohn’s disease. Is there anything this plant cannot help you with? Check out this study coming out of Israel. I’m glad we’re finally all in agreement here. It’s about time.

Cannabis will also help you with your bladder cancer, according to this study coming out of this Kaiser Permanente research. Interesting stuff this cannabis plant is.

DARE is no longer anti weed stuffs. Is this enough to save it? Who know’s, we’re going to talk about it.

Back to some negative cannabis news, check out this cop who was busted growing weed. I’m curious myself, if he was growing the cannabis for his wife or something medical, but living in Florida, couldn’t do it legally. Just an idea, who knows.

I really want to try some bacon made from weed fed pigs. We need to get this guy on the show. If you know him, let him know that. If you want to know what I was talking about in regards to Decarboxylation, here’s the episode.

Do you live in New Hampshire or Vermont? What about Illinois? Let us know how it’s going in your community. Let’s all stick together and report. We’ll talk to you next month. Until then make sure to check out all of our social network connections over on the menu.

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