HBP 125: Temporary Hope


“Sucking dick for drugs is not cool kids.”

Hello and welcome to another episode of your favorite weekly marijuana podcast, The Hot Box. Mat Lee here joined by Ian Baker as usual. Join us on episode 125 of the Hot Box as we pick apart and analyze more cannabis / marijuana news, informing you on the points the mainstream media is too well paid to touch. Guess what? We’re not paid at all, which means nothing is off limits. We’ll blow the lid off whatever, because that’s how we roll. Keep on reading for some show notes.

Let’s start the show off with a little history and discussion on why things are the way they are here in Montana in regards to medical marijuana / cannabis. It’s basically due to lies and political agendas. It has nothing at all to do with rational thought or facts of any kind. From the original bill that gave Montana medical marijuana, to the repeal that almost happened in HB-161, to SB-423 to the vote that is going to happen in November for IR-124. If you don’t know, you should vote NO on IR-124. Don’t get it twisted. Check out The Weed Blog for some great information.

Here’s more information from a post on the Patients for Reform not Repeal site, as well as the MTCIA.org site.

This is what happens when you push someone too far, and arrest them for possessing a plant. He rolls over ALL EIGHT of your cop cars. Nice job Vermont. Check out the video to see the carnage. When old pot heads strike back…

Here’s a study that shows diverted medical marijuana use is common in teens. I wonder how common diverted prescription pain killer use in teens is. If there is one thing we’ve learned from these studies, it’s that numbers can be spun to show any outcome you’d like. That means it’s very unreliable, because people are distorting the numbers to back up their own hypothesis. That’s not how you do science.

What do you do to a kid who shows tremendous promise but gets caught slinging herb in school? You ruin his life, duh! Well, that’s what is going to happen, but probably not what should have happened. The consequences are far more detrimental to his life than the crime he was committing. When that happens in society, things need to change.

Here’s a Judge in California who did a good thing. He actually held up state law. Now if this would have been federal, they wouldn’t have been so lucky.

The number of marijuana plants eradicated is going down, although the amount of bulk processed cannabis is going way up. That means you are finding the end dealers or users, but not the grows. Which is a good thing. Hide your grows and only work with people who know how to keep their mouth shut.

Now this is the American / Canadian dream. Live at home with mom and dad, trade sex for drugs, and do good in school. Loving life right?

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