HBP 121: Cozy Blanket of Protection


“I consume some cannabis, and I can sleep.”

It’s the Hot Box marijuana podcast, your favorite weekly internet talk show focused on the cannabis plant, the culture, and this failed drug war we find ourselves in the middle of. Mat Lee here as usual, joined by Ian Baker, and in this episode of the Hot Box we start the show with a discussion about Fibromyalgia and cannabis as a legitimate treatment. After that we talk about politicized science and Drug Enforcement Administrator Michele Leonhart’s comments about which drugs are better than others. Then we discuss the great corrupted flip flop that is the Obama Administration, and how you can fool the masses into voting for you. It’s the brand new HOT BOX EXXXTREME! Now with more talking. We’re just here to blow your mind. Tap more and keep on reading for some show notes. As always, follow the Hot Box on Twitter, the Facebook page, and Google+ to find out when our live marijuana podcast starts. Hot Box TV baby, Hot Box tv!

Do you suffer from Fibromyalgia? Thank you to the caller who called in to talk about how cannabis has helped her deal with Fibromyalgia. Do you, or have you ever tried cannabis to treat it? Let us know, and of course, we keep all correspondence completely anonymous, unless you specify otherwise. Here is the study showing one in ten Fibromyalgia patients use cannabis to help treatment.

Michele Leonhart takes the hard questions no one else wants to answer honestly, and completely talks her way out of it. She doesn’t want to admit heroin is more addictive than cannabis. Can you blame her? She probably would have lost her job if she said cannabis was a great plant. Think about it. Check out the story here.

Is Obama completely using the legalization of cannabis to get votes? Didn’t he do this last time? It’s all about lying to get the vote.

If you were a DEA agent, you would be thankful to get assigned to busting cannabis dispensaries. You should be so lucky to have such a kush job.

Donate to the Hot Box Uruguay fund. We really want to go there and do a live show. Uruguay seems to have it all figured out, in a nice logical, rational manner. Nice job!

This just in, marijuana is no longer the number one gateway drug. Pills are now number one. Way to go big pharma!

If you live in Colorado and smoke cannabis, you will no longer get the sex offender treatment. Way to be forward thinking Colorado.

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