Ep 7: Black Market Mentality


“I just thought of it, I was stoned and I thought of it.”

Welcome, welcome to show number seven, and our first guest Mark! Things are still going super duper well at the office, even though groups out there will have you believe that dispensaries bring crime waves. I haven’t seen one violent criminal act toward myself or anyone else, so maybe you don’t know it ALL.  On a couple lil side notes, Marc Emery is out of solitary confinement!!  He was released at the start of July after nearly four weeks in the hole. Please still write letters and do what you can to show support!! Also there is a Montana Medical Growers Association (MMGA) meeting July 20th at 6:00pm in the Kalispell library, if you’re not from Kalispell go to montanamedicalgrowers.org to see chapters in your area.  Safe Community Safe Kids is about a week away from dead line for signatures but they are just over 8,000 of the needed 25,000 so pretty sure I stand by my previous statement that this was an epic fail.  Finally, testimonials are being requested for use in Helena from Medical Marijuana patients, please send them to ed.tamarack@gmail.com.  Now ladies and gents, light em if you got em cause we’re starting the show!

  • Please welcome our first guest ever on the Hot Box, Mark!  He is employed in Human Resources and Employee Recruitment/Retention for a company here in the Flathead Valley.  He is a patient and wrote Mat and I this email: I have listened to your show and have to say that I think it is a great forum and is going to become a leading voice in the Flathead Valley guiding listeners throughout marijuana prohibition, decriminalization, and ultimately legalization. I would love to talk with you guys on  the show about the medical marijuana movement from an employer’s standpoint and what the legalities are concerning employment law, hiring/termination, drug testing, discrimination, and many other pertinent subjects surrounding our somewhat vague Initiative 148 with regards to law and labor in Montana.
    As a patient and professional in Montana, according to current laws, I am not protected on a state or federal level in regards to employment and congruent use of medical marijuana, therefore the only protection at this point can be found by making sure our rights as a citizen and an employee of the state of Montana are not violated due to unjust, inconsistent or discriminatory practices in the workplace.
    The lack of knowledge and detail surrounding Initiative 148 is astonishing and leaves a patient unsure of where he or she stands in the eye of the law; employment laws can be just as vague and unless you know what to watch for you could easily be discriminated against or have your rights violated and never be the wiser. All participants in this program can and should utilize online resources with attention to discrimination and wrongful termination if you feel that you have been treated unfairly by your employer.
    MT Wrongful Discharge Act
    MT Workforce Drug/Alcohol Testing Act
    MT Human Rights Act: Title 49 Discrimination
    Aside from the legalities there are also many, and in some cases more detrimental effects to all of society directly related to the prohibition of marijuana or any other form of discrimination. Using a word I call black-market mentality [see below definition] to describe the emotional state of anyone subjected to intimidation, discrimination or any other related trauma, one can see the negative effects on the individual and larger still, the strain piled on our already faulty society, government and economic situation. Your show and people like you two are what will keep this from happening to the residents of Montana and the Flathead Valley.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this, and all the laughs the first five episodes have provided; Keep on keeping on.
  • Black-Market Mentality: a state of mind induced by society standard, historical events and opinions, education, childhood, economic background, religion, race, geographic region and many other external variables fluctuating greatly between individuals resulting in the individual, group, or idea feeling inadequate, second rate, discriminated against, isolated, or foreign and forced to hide, disguise, or avoid entirely personal actions, customs, practices, ideology, or philosophy pertaining to physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual or any other personal expression unique to the human mind and body. Taken from an essay titled Black-Market Mentality: A History by: MAW
  • Employers do not have to accommodate your medical marijuana use in Montana – if you’re a good employee that stuff really shouldn’t matter though.
  • Stoner kids run Big Mountain the best.
  • It should be common sense but I’ll type it out DO NOT SMOKE AT WORK (please) unless of course your employer has accommodated it!
  • Black market mentality is a little scary and makes me angry and has been happening forever, we gotta stop it by spreading education.
  • Mark had some very nice, sweet things to say about his caregiver and I would like to say to him- it is an honor helping you, it is a pleasure talking to you and answering questions, and it is my luck to have you as a friend.  Thank you for being you and for everything you do for me.
  • Bad things that happen when people are using or selling marijuana is user error, please try to remember that.
  • Paris Hilton was arrested at the world cup in South Africa for marijuana but was released quickly to be sent to the US we all need a playboy throw away friend!
  • Finally, cops are finishing the job when they find out the stuff is legal. I’m not saying it’s ok to send stuff FedEx, I’m just saying if you do, the cops get it there safely for you in the end. Usually…
  • Do you want Hot Box episodes more than just once a week? We are thinking of bumping up the show to twice a week, but we want to know what you think. Email us or use the comment form on the about us page. You can also write a letter with pen and paper, or send us goodies to the PO BOX.
  • Until next week, smoke safe!!

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