Ep 8: Public Comment


“I’d put a marijuana leaf tattoo on my face for a million dollars.”

Hello there and welcome to numero ocho of the Hotbox Podcast.  This is going a lot better then we ever could have imagined. Thank you all so much for listening and encouraging your friends to listen.  There is a lot going on right now in this beautiful world of medical marijuana and we will keep you up to date on everything.  We love having people come in and share their wealth of knowledge, so email info@hotboxpodcast.com and let us know if you or someone else would like to take part in a show!!  We had another guest on the show today, Ed from the Tamarack Dispensary so light up and get ready for a super fun show one and all!!

  • We are giving away a glass accessory to whomever designs a cool logo we can use on banners and such…check out the contest page for pictures and ideas.
  • Do you have pretty pictures of legal plants?  Send them to us at info@hotboxpodcast.com so we can display in our legal medical marijuana photo gallery… share the love with the world!! You can get there by going to hotboxpodcast.com/pics.
  • We are setting up a roach market, it’s like a flea market but a little less fleas and more roaches, haha, so if you or someone else has stuff to sell let us know!!  We are planning this for September 18 at the Smokers Friendly right off Highway 2. Join the Hot Box facebook group and RSVP to the event. It’s going to be amazing.
  • The next  Montana Medical Growers Association meeting at the Kalispell Public Library August 18th at 6:00pm, and everyone is encouraged to attend and listen to some smart people talk about how we can make this industry better!!
  • Ed went to Helena and found out no one there knows what they are talking about.  There is an actual rep there that doesn’t know how to tell the difference between hash and marijuana. How do these people get to make laws about stuff they haven’t ever looked in to?  Most of these people don’t really care to listen to what we have to say, the people in the middle of it.
  • Montana Caregivers Network is no longer functioning…we all new this was gonna happen so I’m not that surprised and would like to take the next few moments to laugh.
  • Who wants to pay a million bucks for a marijuana leaf tattoo on their face?  You put up the money we’ll put up the face.
  • Send respectful comments on the medical marijuana initiative to mmcomment@mt.gov and let them know what you think!!  Please remember to be respectful.
  • Veterans in Colorado are petitioning to include PTSD in the list of treatable conditions. The big problem for a lot though is, if you’re a veteran, you may lose your benefits, which is completely stupid. These people are where they are and the way they are because they went and fought for their country, and this is the thanks they get? Unacceptable…
  • We will now be here on Saturdays as well as our normal Tuesdays! That’s right, you get the Hot Box twice a week now.
  • Our fun filled show is possible thanks to you, send us emails, info@hotboxpodcast.com, stop by our facebook group and follow us on twitter. Remember, this show is made possible and kept alive by listener donations and contributions. If you like what we’re doing, donate some cash!

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