Ep 62: Out of a Job


“Repeal is unacceptable.”

First of March! That means the snow will be gone soon and we’ll be warm again! We have a few quick announcements that are really important so keep reading even though I started the notes talking about weather, and there’s a cool guest on the show so make sure to download and listen! If you have any suggestions for stories, shows, or even guests please email us at info@thehotboxpodcast.com, post it in our forum or call and leave us a message, 406.204.4687. You can also use that number when the show is live to talk on air. Remember, live shows are recorded in front of a Justin.tv audience every Tuesday and Saturday, 7pm PST. / 10pm EST. on Hot Box TV. If you want to be known in the chat as anything other than Justinfan, you need to get a free account. Justin.tv makes it real easy, you can use your Twitter or Facebook account to log in. We’ll see you Saturday!

– Thanks to donations from several caregivers in the area, transportation is being provided to the March 11th medical marijuana repeal hearing at 8am in room 303 of the Capital building. Please email info@hotboxpodcast.com or call Sandy at 406.890.9667 if you would like to join us in showing the Senate how many people they are affecting. Remember it’s not how long you talk, it’s showing them numbers. Before you go to Helena, please try to write up a prepared statement and make sure you stick to it, don’t ad lib or reply to things you’ve heard. Look presentable, stick to your statement, and you will make an impression.

– The Hot Box will be at the Garden City Cannabis Expo in Missoula Montana April 9th and 10th at the University in the UC Ballroom. There will be classes taught by Ed Rosenthal himself and lots of other very useful and educational information. The Facebook event page has all the details.

– Got a great email from Big Werm (not the one from the chat room earlier in Hot Box history).

– We quickly discuss a blog post Morgan Fox of the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) wrote about the repeal in Montana. Good work and spot on with Mike Milburn. What’s next? We give him a call of course.

– Let’s welcome Morgan Fox of the MPP to the podcast. We had a great conversation about what’s going on with the marijuana movement right now, what we can do, what he’s doing, and some really important things to remember when speaking with politicians.

– After you donate to the Hot Box, throw some to the MPP, they’re trying to help us move forward with marijuana decrim! We’re just kidding of course, you should give to the MPP first. They do good work, and it would really piss off the commie mommies.

– Indiana is trying to get medical marijuana passed, and yes I accidentally skipped an entire line while I was reading, sorry. Hopefully Indiana gets this passed and no one thinks like certain politicians in Montana.

– Trying to make edibles illegal? Your case is based on “the children” of course, and you’re scared that it’s ending up on the playgrounds. What else is on the playground? I know there are far more dangerous things being carried around by students, you ignore that for some reason. Again, please stop using your children as tools to push your lame political agendas.

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– See ya on Saturday for episode 63.

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