Ep 62: Out of a Job


“Repeal is unacceptable.”

First of March! That means the snow will be gone soon and we’ll be warm again! We have a few quick announcements that are really important so keep reading even though I started the notes talking about weather, and there’s a cool guest on the show so make sure to download and listen! If you have any suggestions for stories, shows, or even guests please email us at info@thehotboxpodcast.com, post it in our forum or call and leave us a message, 406.204.4687. You can also use that number when the show is live to talk on air. Remember, live shows are recorded in front of a Justin.tv audience every Tuesday and Saturday, 7pm PST. / 10pm EST. on Hot Box TV. If you want to be known in the chat as anything other than Justinfan, you need to get a free account. Justin.tv makes it real easy, you can use your Twitter or Facebook account to log in. We’ll see you Saturday!

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