Ep 56: Tread Carefully


“We’re trying to progress not regress, let’s keep that in mind.”

So the people have spoken… a little over 6 years ago, when 62% of the voters voted to pass Initiative 148 here in Montana. Since then, there has been a wonderful new industry blossoming in Montana, an industry that is giving new jobs to people who had previously lost there’s. It is putting to good use a lot of the empty buildings that we all see dotting our communities. Sick people get the medicine they need, and in many cases, are able to begin stepping down off a lot of the harmful medications they may be taking. Over all, I’d say that since Initiative 148 passed, we have seen a lot of positive things happen. That’s all well and good, but as we discuss in this episode of the Hot Box, there is a move to completely repeal the Montana Medical Marijuana initiative which would essentially make criminals out of good honest hard working, pain suffering citizens. This is completely unacceptable. The voters spoke and YES, this IS what we voted for. Please stop saying it isn’t like you speak for everyone. Let’s take a quick look at a recent poll over at the Flathead Beacon. As of writing this on Sunday, February 6th 2011 at 4:03 pm Mountain Time Zone, the poll states, “Should the Legislature Repeal Montana‚Äôs Medical Marijuana Law?” Yes – 75 votes, No – 265 votes. So just in this little tiny cross section of Flathead Beacon readers, we see an overwhelming majority opposed to Medical Marijuana repeal in Montana. How can they go through with something like this? It seems that when it was taken to a vote, all 5 democrats voted against HB-161 and all 10 republicans voted for it. Are you serious? I am having a real hard time understanding how anyone can vote to repeal something that so many Montana’s have worked so hard to make reality. It’s mind blowing to me that we allow our public servants to push us around like this. This is simply unacceptable. Like I said before, all repealing this law is going to do is make criminals and outlaws out of good, honest, hard working pain suffering citizens. That is NOT OK.

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