Ep 61: Moral Debate


“If our medical cannabis smoking has anything to do with your children, positive or negative, you as a parent need help.”

Welcome to episode 61 of the Hot Box podcast. If you’re new to the show, every Tuesday and Saturday evening Sandy and myself get together and present you with the most current marijuana related news stories. The kicker is, we bring you the actual TRUTH about what’s going on. There is a lot of piss poor biased “journalism” going on out there, and we feel like it’s our duty to sift through the bullshit and get to the real story. The bottom line is this. Cannabis has been around for as long as man has walked the earth. There have never been any fatalities attributed to cannabis, and the more research is done, the more we are finding out all sorts of amazing things this plant can be used for. Medical, agricultural,¬†recreational, economical, etc… The list goes on and on. We are fighting an upward battle against people who are lost to any and all logical thinking and reasonable decision making. Their crusade is one powered by lies and misinformation, scare tactics and fear mongering. The unfortunate thing is that this group happens to be very well funded by the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. Creepy right? Like why does the Mormon church, or in particular, this human (brother Steve ¬†Zabawa) have any stake in whether or not medical marijuana gets repealed in Montana. It’s all messed up, and these people aren’t trying to make it better. They are making things much worse. If this repeal happens, you are going to destroy all of the progress that has been made up until this point. Just like that you create over 28,000 brand new criminals that the justice system has to spend money it doesn’t have dealing with. Not to mention how much extra money it will cost to keep the really sick “criminals” alive while in jail. Repeal will have such a negative impact on our state that the fall out from what you have done will create more danger for your children than this harmless, helpful plant ever could have. Please, on behalf of the Hot Box podcast and all of the patients and caregivers and dispensary workers and owners, please pull your collective heads out of your asses and let’s fix this thing. We all know repeal is NOT the answer.

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