Ep 81: With a Smile


“Hey, have you signed the petition yet?”

Ok, time for one more. Are we still seriously putting people in jail for cannabis? Silly humans. This next piece is about how our good friend Denton Ramsey, as I’m sure most of you, really don’t care for those silly magazines you see when you check out at the grocery store. This one in particular that got his goat is called Seventeen. The only reason we’re even putting this magazine on our lips is because they apparently had a piece about how smoking cannabis makes you fat and ugly. I’m not even going to wonder how he found out about such an article. Probably subscribed to some random RSS feed that just so happened to have Seventeen in it. Sure Denton, sure. Buckle in kids, it’s going to be a long, sad, bumpy ride. Without further ado, I present to you the musings of Denton Ramsey.

From Pot Head Patriot Games to Seventeen Slander, Cannabis Chaos Out Of Control

By Denton Ramsey,
Waco of NORML Inc. Director of Volunteers

Seventeen magazine, and the BS they shovel out on a consistent basis, making me speechless is really nothing new.

What is new is the fact that Seventeen’s latest slander revolves around the use of cannabis. According to a story in the latest issue of the mag, cannabis use can make you fat and ugly. Seriously?

Say it with me now: REEFER MADNESS.

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Ep 80: Sign the Petition


“I gave away 2000 dollars worth of stuff.”

I finally have a minute to do some Hot Box notes, and a friend of mine who works down the road sent in a piece he wrote about cannabis, and the whole natural vs. pharmaceutical argument. Read this and understand that what happened there, is happening all over the world right now, and the companies that are making the drugs that are supposed to help us, are actually profiting from our sickness. They make more money when we stay sick. This is just one example of a system human beings built, then exploited at the benefit of themselves, and the detriment of the rest of us. If you write, or like to write, or just want to help me out with some show notes, send your piece to info@hotboxpodcast.com or get a hold of me on Facebook. And now ladies and germs, I present to you, the writing of Paul Poindexter.

Natural vs Pharmaceutical

by Paul Poindexter

Has anyone noticed an increase in the pill popper sub-culture? Has anyone asked the question why? I have a story to tell you and you can decide for yourself why the increase.

When I was a child my parents took me to the family doctor and voiced concerns about some of my behaviors. The doctor decided was ADD and prescribed Ritalin to “help me cope” with the symptoms. I took Ritalin for a few months everyday at noon and a pattern soon emerged of me falling asleep 30 minutes later. I had no control over it, and there was no waking me up until it had run it’s course. After the pattern was noticed there was another round of talking and testing and in the end I was taken off the Ritalin. I don’t remember if I was on anything or not from then till I was nine years old.

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Ep 78: Rock the Vote


“Do you really want to be told what you can do and can’t do to your body, in the privacy of your own home?”

Back after a long hiatus. Scheduling problems, money issues, if it was a problem trying to stop us from doing a podcast, you can bet it happened. So after a long time of waiting for things to work themselves out, I finally found a co host worthy of trying to fill the shoes. I’d like to welcome Ian Baker of Glacier health to the show. He’s going to be hosting with me until he gets sick of it, we all get arrested, or pot finally gets legalized. We’ll try to stick to doing an episode every Saturday, but you probably want to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get real time updates. If you want to download a copy of the 55 page PDF that Ian Baker put together, that can be found RIGHT HERE, and also HERE on the Hot Box forums. Please pass this along to any and all of your friends. There is some amazing information in those pages.

And now, I present to you, an article about why education is a very necessary tool in the war on cannabis prohibition, as written by our resident pro cannabis blogger, Denton Ramsey. Happy reading!


Advocates vs. Adversaries: Education Remains Vital as Cannabis Crusade Continues

By Denton Ramsey, NORML of Waco Inc. Director of Volunteers

When it comes to advocates against adversaries of this often-debated medicinal plant, two words remain vital in this ongoing fight: cannabis education. Most of the time, albeit sad yet true, adversaries of marijuana are plain and simply uneducated about the plant. A majority of what adversaries of cannabis turn to in arguing against legalization revolves around health, FDA-approval, and safety for children. Unfortunately, mass media outlets hurt the cannabis cause as well.

Ep 77: Not Feasible


“That is corruption in our government and it is up to the people to remove that.”

Due to life throwing curve balls, the Montana Legislature making laws that go completely against the will of the people, and the dying economy, the schedule for the Hot Box is no longer Tuesday and Saturday. As of right now, until further notice, we will try our best to do a show at least once a week. Whether that’s on a Sunday, Thursday, or Saturday, we have no idea. The best thing you can do to keep updated with us is to like the Hot Box Facebook page and follow the Hot Box on Twitter. We aren’t pod-fading, we are just having a hard time making ends meet right now.

You can help! Every contribution you make goes to help us survive, and not have to slave away for minimum wage. Donate some cash so we can get back on top of things. Every little bit helps. If 100 of you each gave 10 bucks, that would be a tremendous help! Anyways, sorry to pan handle, but times are tough, and the people who are supposed to be making changes to HELP the state, are doing the exact opposite. See you soon!