Ep 84: The Will of the People


“People that are not terminally ill, and people that don’t have cancer, also benefit from cannabis use.”

How many more people need to get hurt before the government gets it through their thick federal skulls, we the people are not going to continue to lay down and take this abusive misuse of trust, power, resources, and most of all, life. You are completely disintegrating any shred of liberty and justice that this once great country was founded under. You have completely destroyed the idea of freedom and have continuously left a bad taste in the mouths of the people. We the people. The pupil, the people, the ones who are really in control. You just don’t know it yet. You are too diluted in your chair of fine wine and old rotten scotch to realize what’s happening. You gave up a long time ago, thinking you won. You are oblivious to the fact there are whispers of uprise spewing forth from the mouths of babes. Big blonde double DD rocking cock sock knockin, weed stalk choppin down to ride as hard as they’re down to fuck BABES. Anyways, keep the communication lines open and flowing freely, and don’t be stupid. If this was a fight club, (which it isn’t! Shh), rule number one would be don’t be stupid. Rule number two would be to at any given situation one ponders, revert to rule number one. Don’t be stupid! That’s my motivational talk for the week since I haven’t had time to write anything really constructive. Oh yea, except for this. If you are a fan of words and reading, then enjoy. It’s from the Jamhole where I mainly blog.

So it goes a little something like this. I see a lot of similarity in the patent wars you may have read about in your favorite tech blog or podcast, and the medical cannabis wars that are going down right here in our very own Montana. Well my very own Montana, I have no idea where you are from. I mean I do, but I don’t. See where I’m coming from? If you are unaware, there is currently a massive web of interconnected fucked-up-ness created by a system that was taken advantage of from the start. This system is called the patent system. The other system, is called the war on drugs. First of all, you do realize that when all these companies sue the shit out of each other like the chart shows, the only people who really win are the fine collectors, and the lawyers? You do realize that it costs a lot of money to hire yourself a lawyer to go on a patent infringing killing spree right? That’s not to mention how much time it can take if you get lost in the vast reaches of some lawyers cherry oak desk under a stack of papers reaching to the moon. Just waiting for a signature, I swear it’s in the mail.

Anyways, this is doing two things that piss me off. First, it’s making normal tech writers have to write about stupid boring shit like patent law, which in my opinion needs to be completely reformed, and I hope these big tech companies are the ones to do it. That is of course, if they can stop suing each other long enough to let their legal team have a nice vacation so they can spend some of that ridiculous money they just made. Second, it’s just furthering the ideology that if you go to school and learn how to lie and bend the law to your will, you will make the most money. Just like a doctor, everyone will need your services at some point in their lifetime. This is the part where I tell you not to ever get married.

Here is the part where I bring this whole cluster fuck of a piece around to relate to medical cannabis here in Montana. As a quick catch up, you can go listen to the Hot Box podcast, but basically Montana has had medical marijuana since 2004, voted in by we the people. Now the state government is trying to say that isn’t what any of the over 60% of the people who passed the law, actually voted for. They tried to repeal completely, but the governor veto’d that. They tried to wrap their repeal in the nice pretty dress of strict reform, but the people tried to put a stop to how out of control and insane the new law would have made things. This created a need for the people and the medical cannabis industry to need the services of a lawyer. This lawyer was obtained and the matter was taken to court. Some of the reform was found to be unconstitutional, and it was thrown out, but some of the silly reform was said to be ok, and it was left in. Now we continue to need the lawyers services to file a petition to put a new medical cannabis law to a vote of the people, again. The point is, the hundreds of thousands of dollars that the medical cannabis industry has raised to pay for the lawyer, to fight the state and it’s stupid choices, to fight this ridiculous war on drugs, could have gone to SO MANY OTHER, BETTER causes. Like you know, education! If the kids are educated poorly, every generation is going to have to put up with stupid law makers making stupid decisions because they think they know best. Well, they don’t, and this is proof.

Do you see the parallel? How much money has been wasted in the patent wars? How much money could have been better spent on important things, like education. The one thing that is hurting the most, is the most important system we have. If we don’t educate the younger generation, we are going to be stuck with a generation of retards who are piloting this starship right into a fucking asteroid. A sad, credit downgrading, asteroid… Sound familiar? Anyways, here’s some show notes!

– If you enjoy the show, make sure you are a member of the Hot Box / Jamhole forums. It’s one community for both shows! Check out the cannabis fact box, and the cannabis activism threads. You will find loads of great information and discussion.

– Let’s do some listener mail. You can always leave comments on the blog posts for each episode. Participation is key! Joe writes…

– This petition isn’t about cannabis. It’s about freedom.

– I’ve gots MINE! Shit, I lost it. Well, I had mine. All the same, no body should be treated as a second class citizen because they smoke cannabis. So what’s your stance? Email info@hotboxpodcast.com or leave a message if you want to put your voice into it. Call 406.204.4687 to leave a message for either show.

– Jesus would have wanted you to smoke pot. Duh. So how’s your petition signature gathering going? Let’s get out there folks, I mean shit, if this guy can do it, can’t you? Speaking of that guy, listen to him on episode 85 of the Hot Box!

– IR 124 is a voter rights petition. Did I mention that? Who decides what we think we’re voting for? Clearly we do not.

– So just in case you were wondering, here is a list of people who are, and who are not, being very supportive to the medical cannabis industry, and local business. Dicks. All of you, are being dicks. Well maybe not all of you, but a good majority of you. Stop it.

Rockin The Rivers:  We were told that it a petitioner was seen on the grounds, their bracelet would be cut off and they would be removed from the grounds, including the campgrounds.  Unfortunately the owners of the small business, convenience store down the road felt the pressure and told us that while they didn’t have any opinion, they felt that they would feel negative repercussions from allowing us to solicit signatures at their store.  We understand the small business owners fear, but abhor the hypocrisy of the Rockin The River Management.

Any event at the METRA in Billings: our signature gatherers were removed from the area during the Motley Crue concert and subsequent events

County Fairs across the state: Regardless of the fact that these are public events held on taxpayer property, we have been forcibly removed from MANY  fairgrounds.  In some areas donations were raised to pay for a booth to be inside the fairgrounds.  This is a terrible waste of precious financial resources to work a public event.

Farmers Markets: some have been generous, some (Billings) have called police on our signature gatherers, even as they were walking inside the market, NOT soliciting signatures. Kalispell farmers market is also not down with the cause. Dicks.

Walmart: don’t even think about it

Downtown Tonight, Missoula: our signature gatherers were told they could stand by the toilets, 50 yards away from the actual event.

– What it comes down to is this. Everyone should sign the petition, regardless of your stance on medical marijuana. Sign the petition to put it back to a vote.

– Guess who’s genetic code just got cracked? CANNABIS. Let the games begin.

– Have you ever noticed how out of control our government is? Check out this great piece by Morgan Fox of the MPP.

– We should all run for office. I hear there might be a few empty slots in the local government after we CLEAN HOUSE.

– The only way to test for impairment is with a blood test. Also, you can probably just talk to the guy and see if he’s fucked up or not. Duh? Tell us a joke Ian!

– Stay strong, and be careful out there. Relay any stories for the next show to info@hotboxpodcast.com or send us a form on the about us page. Peace out guys!

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