Hot Box Podcast 210: Stracism


r/dabs subreddit

Thanks for checking out episode 210 of the Hot Box cannabis podcast. On this episode Mat and Grand chat about the DEA D8 problem, share some posts from the r/Dabs subreddit, and we announce the giveaway winner! All this plus some weed news and all the fun stoner banter you’ve come to appreciate from the Hot Box podcast. Hit the link below for the show notes. Thanks for listening!

Congratulations to EasternDank for winning the giveaway! Thank you to everyone who entered. Come kick it in the Discord with us and we’ll discuss what we should give away next!

From the r/Dabs subreddit

dry dabs

u/FeedMeGluten out there taking some dry dabs! This begs the question, would you know if your dab rig had water in it or not?

u/bm96 posted about how long people hold dabs in for. So how long do you hold your dabs in?

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Why do people hate Blue Dream? There’s a lot of people out there being a strain racist aka a stracist. What strains are you stracist about? Have you ever experienced stracism?

dabba the hut

u/Mhickey94Burnout has been posting these videos lately and i just wanted to say that i enjoy them. We should all try and be as happy as dabba the hut. Also asking the question, do you get stoned before, or after your errands during the day?

fuck the dea

There’s an awful lot of worried hemp processors now that the DEA has decided to be dicks again and drop a bomb all over the hemp bill. There’s a couple of good pieces written about it here on Cannabusiness Law. Check out part 1: Hemp Extract and part 2: Delta 8.

If you want to help, check out this post on the Future4200 forums for more information. Let’s fill their inboxes again!

cbd elephant

In some happy news, elephants are getting some CBD to try and alleviate some stress. That’s right, animals stress out too!

Florida is finally getting some edible guidance. Expect to see edibles in the market there sometime in the next five years…

USC researchers think THC in marijuana may be able to treat the deadly COVID complication ARDS or acute respiratory distress syndrome.

weed in a hockey bag

Weed in hockey bags! On today’s edition of Search and Seizure.

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