Hot Box podcast 208: Black Tar Heroin Poop


Emperial Glass SourGang Giveaway Bottle

Thanks for checking out another episode of the Hot Box podcast. Mat and Grand back for number 208. We’re announcing the giveaway winner for the Emperial Sourgang bottle, chatting about some r/Dabs posts, and some cannabis news. Hit the link below for the show notes and thanks for listening!

Grand made the show rundown this week, so as he mentions in the episode, if it sucks, it’s on him. Join us in the Discord throughout the week and come kick it!

Congratulations Swagrat! You won the Sourgang candy bottle. Stay tuned everyone for the next giveaway!

Let’s reminisce over a brief history of dabbing.

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u/methodicalonex posted this, and as the title says, it’s just so real though.

amazing nugget

u/the_amazing_nugget posted a Hollywood production quality dab here and has the best rendition of Mary Jane’s Last Dance I’ve ever heard.

u/dorkstep posted a pic of his setup here, and Grand loves it.

Is this your favorite meme template right now?

So, what exactly is this thing? Probably a reclaim catcher?

I guess we’re talking about blue dabs again… Has anyone actually figured out what this crap is or are we all still just wildly speculating?

blue dabs

The raids are still happening in California. This one from Trinity County.

Some dispensaries are getting fines over pesticide use in Massachusetts.

Deputies in Georgia seize $33,000, and 15 pounds of marijuana in traffic stop.

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Author: Mat Lee

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