HBP Live: Sesh 6 – Chewy Grinder

Back at it with another Hot Box marijuana podcast live sesh! In this episode Mat Lee does a first look and quick review of the Chewy Grinder! This thing is seriously cool stuff stoners like, so if you want to get your own, you should head over to their site. But first, make sure you watch the live sesh!

You can find my full review and video of the Chewy Grinder HERE on Stuff Stoners Like. Also make sure to check out Chewy Grinder online if you want to pick up your own. As someone who grinds a shitload of weed on the daily to smoke a whole bunch of spliffs, I highly recommend it.

chewy grinder

Watch this quick video on my Instagram feed of the Chewy Grinder doing it’s thing. So far I’m pretty damn impressed with it. I’ll be messing around with it more throughout the week while I write my full review for SSL.

Chewy Grinder

We’re going to be moving soon, so the majority of the glass I’ve accumulated doing reviews and bartering and whatnot, has to go. A new collection will begin when we get to Eugene. So if you’ve ever seen a rig of mine you want to pick up, now is the time. I’ll be doing auctions and creating a website to take care of this, I just wanted to toss it out to you all first. You get priority on the dope glass, and of course a nice HBP friend discount.

That’s going to do it for this live sesh. Thanks for checking out the show and spreading the love. It helps keep this thing alive. Follow me on Instagram and Periscope for more awesome content!

Here’s the update video! After using the Chewy Grinder for a week, here’s the video that will go along with my review over on Stuff Stoners Like.

Author: Mat Lee

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