HBP 153: The Biggest Update


We’re back!

A new episode of the Hot Box you say? No way possible. It’s just been too long. But that’s the great thing about the internet. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been. If you are one of the loyal listeners that stayed subscribed, anxiously waiting for the next episode to be posted, your time has finally come. We’re bringing the show back with a little help from our good friends over at Stuff Stoners Like.

So much has happened since the last episode. Take a listen or catch up by following me on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also catch up with episodes of the Jamhole. You’ll get a much more in depth overview that way. You should also give the Hot Box Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ page a follow while you’re at it. We’ll be using these to post all sorts of fun show and cannabis related stuff. Check out the links in the notes, and we’ll talk to you soon.

Got a new job in Washington working in this awesome lab with really smart scientists. Check the videos and pictures on my Instagram.

I’ve been writing a weekly column over on Stuff Stoners Like called More Deadly than Weed. The latest is about no knock raids. They are way more deadly than weed.

The first non MDtW article was about weed refugees, and how I inadvertently became one. Check out Weed Refugee Rising.

While you’re over there on Stuff Stoners Like, be sure to check out my article about buying legal recreational weed here in Washington. There’s also a video that goes with it on YouTube about me smoking it all.

On Sunday April 19th 2015, Tukwila Washington will be hosting the fourth annual Dope Cup. It’s put on by our friends over at Dope magazine. We’ll be there checking out the straight dope on all the bomb weed. Get your tickets here.

Are you familiar with the healthstone? If not, definitely check out my new thing over on SSL entitled Dab Etiquette. In this installment, you’ll see the difference between hitting a healthstone with a torch or a heat gun. Spoiler alert, the heat gun is the way to go, assuming you have clean dabs. You can catch the video here on YouTube.

Weed is way more potent today than thirty years ago. It’s a good thing we have people doing such hard hitting controversial science. Of course we need labs testing shit and making sure everything is on point, but don’t make a big bad deal that our herbs are better than yours are.

Remember Charlo Greene? She was that bad ass newscaster that quit her job to go defend the weed stuff. Well, as when poking any hornets nest, she got a little sting. We definitely need to get her on the show. One day the raids will cease and we’ll all look back and laugh about how silly and un-evolved shit was.

Due to constant budget concerns the DEA will no longer be able to waste our money… Not really, not yet at least. But at least the destructive numbers are going down. According to the DEA’s records, 4.3 million weed plants were destroyed last year, which is down from 4.4 million the year before and 10.4 million in 2009. 2009 was not a good year for weed.

Finally, when the people are polled, the majority is now all about re legalizing the weed stuff. Check out the poll over on Stuff Stoners Like.

What are the next eight states to re legalize? Main St. has an article taking a guess.

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Author: Mat Lee

Dab lab rat and rap writer. Creating dope shit since the chromosome split.