HBP 152: Good Medicine


“I don’t remember, because I smoke so much weed.”

Thanks for checking out another fantastic episode of the Hot Box. For episode 152 we have quite a treat for you. Join us as we talk to Shari Albert and Jessica Blank from Good Medicine TV! If you aren’t in the know, you are now. Good Medicine TV is a funny YouTube reality tv-ish series based in the Dharma Collective, a low end medical marijuana dispensary in Hollywood California. They have two episodes out as of this recording, so make sure to stop by their site at GoodMedicine.TV and show them some love. We thoroughly enjoyed this conversation, we hope you will as well.

Join us as we welcome Shari Albert and Jessica Blank to the Hot Box. Let’s talk about Good Medicine.

Shari and Jessica from Good Medicine TV
Shari and Jessica from Good Medicine TV

Here’s the music video we were talking about. It’s called My Weed, and you can see it in episode one of Good Medicine. If you aren’t familiar with the song, it’s a parody of the Mickey Avalon song My Dick.

Sometimes when I’m high I start speaking French.

Can you pick out the jokes that were created sober vs the ones that were created all high? Wait for the next episode, and see if you can tell.

We definitely appreciate Shari Albert and Jessica Blank taking time out of their day to come hang out in the Hot Box with us. Follow them, and Good Medicine on Twitter, and of course, be sure to subscribe to them on YouTube.

What do you know about the Good Medicine?
What do you know about the Good Medicine?

If you are going to get into the legal marijuana trade, you should probably stop selling meth and cocaine. These people didn’t, and this is what happens. John Ingold wrote about it on the Denver Post.

We have some good news for those who have Parkinson disease and are getting all sick and tired of the side effects the standard treatment of Levodopa causes. The medical journal Clinical Neuropharmacology released an observational study of 22 people which showed a significant improvement on pain and sleep. Hobie Anthony wrote about it on the Liberty Voice.


So again let’s go over this. How bad is weed for your health? Not bad at all. How bad is smoking weed for your health? Still not bad. Brian Palmer wrote about it on Slate.

Let’s have a round of applause for Florida! The Senate passed SB 1030 in a floor vote of 36-3. Assuming it passes the house, it will allow the treatment of epileptic children using the Charlotte’s Web in Florida. William Costolo wrote about it here on Liberty Voice.

Remember when Colorado made a boatload of money selling weed? Yeah, well, it would be nice if they could have a safe place to put it all. The proposed law would have allowed state-licensed marijuana businesses to create a financial co-op, like an uninsured credit union. Scott Neuman wrote about it on the Two Way.


Kyle got himself a cool new little toy. It’s the Magic Flight Launch Box. Kyle digs it.

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