HBP 135: Failure to Communicate


“There’s this thing, it’s called Science.”

Time for another awesomely entertaining informative episode of our weekly cannabis / marijuana podcast, the Hot Box. On tonight’s episode we go through some marijuana news, as we like to do. Polls? Check. Facts? Check. Funny back and forth banter? Check. This episode pretty much has it all, so if your looking for it all, tap / click that play button and start listening. We also have a new Google+ community you can post stories for us to talk about. Come virtually hangout with us throughout the week.

Here’s yet another poll showing that Americans want the Federal government to respect the state laws. You know, the laws we vote in? Yeah, those laws. Check it out here on the Weed Blog.

Kelsie is going to take the floor and tell you what’s up in the Hemp VS Weed Stuff department. Going to put to rest a little pet peeve of hers. Hemp and weed stuff is two different things. Don’t smoke your hemp necklace. Don’t use your weed stuff to tie knots. If you like hemp necklaces, she sells them online. Check out her site here on Etsy. Here’s some information on Hemp if you were curious.

Let’s also welcome Ogma from Grand Unified Theory. We’re going to talk about the best job you and me could ever hope to have. Check out the article here.

Facts or fiction? Let’s go through some of Dr. Glenn D. Braunstein’s article here on the HuffPo.

If you want to read all about the alcohol prohibition, check out Deborah Blum’s book The Poisoners Handbook.

Here’s what ended up happening to Chris Williams, the guy that was facing up to life in jail for following his state’s medical marijuana law. Thank you Federal government. Why are you interfering again? Check out the article here on the Seattle Pi.

Some people in California are testing the state’s pot laws. Is this a pipe dream? I know, they said it, not me. Remember when the Obama Administration say they had bigger fish to fry? Yeah, they really didn’t. Check out the article here.

How is change going to happen? Slowly and very, very bloody. Remember history? We won’t even fuck around with swords and heads cut off. It will be drones and nukes, game over.

Craigslist becomes a pretty sweet way to get hooked up with the weed stuff. I can meet you somewhere. Check out the article here. Make sure you keep the weed stuff away from your guns. The marijuana plant actually gets the gun and shoots people, so watch your back.

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