HBP 134: The Sound of a Conspiracy


“That’s just them giving up on the worst stuff so that they can keep the marijuana prohibition.”

We’re back with another fresh episode of the Hot Box for your listening pleasure. Mat Lee here with some links and show notes for episode 134 of our weekly weed podcast. On tonight’s show we have Radical Russ Belville on to talk about his new site over at SmartApproaches.com, and a little conspiracy action for your brains to wrap around. Do any of you know Doug Chayette? He sent the Hot Box an interesting packet of information, and we’d like to share it with you tonight.

Russ launched a site over at SmartApproaches.com. It’s a marijuana prohibition satire site. You should definitely check it out. First take a look at the Learn About SAM site so you know what these jokes are all about. Awesome right?

If you want to submit posts to Project Samuel, you should get involved.

If they can get involved in media disinformation campaigns, so can we!

Ready for a conspiracy? This was sent to the Hot Box PO Box, and if you want to download the PDF and read through it yourself, you can get it here. I’ll make a post about this once we can do some more digging, but I’m really curious to hear what you all think.

If you smoke weed with people who are sick and contagious, you will probably catch something. Keep your glass clean, and be careful who you share pipes with. The 420 Times has an article about how to germ proof your glass.

Let’s talk about Obama’s drug war. Can you please just get off pot’s dick. Thank you. The HuffPo has an article about it here.

Guess what, the FEDS shit on us again! Of course, isn’t that their job? I love this quote, “The court held that marijuana had failed to meet the five standards the DEA sets for drugs to qualify as having a valid medical use.” I know, clueless. Completely clueless. There is a San Diego Free Press article about it here.

I’m talking about Ingress. If you want to hear a fun discussion about the new Android game, check out the latest episode of our weekly Android podcast, AotA.

Again, if you want to download the PDF and read through the Doug Chayette framing information, you can get it here.

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