Ep 53: Cooking Kitties


“Now tell me logically, what your group should be fighting.”

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Hello, I recently saw your quote on your position on HB33 and medical cannabis. You stated you will vote to repeal the law because you don’t want people on our roads under the influence.

I feel that regardless of whether medical cannabis gets repealed in the state, you will always have people under the influence. Look at how long alcohol has been regulated, and how many traffic fatalities are caused from drunk drivers. I’m sorry, but if given the chance, I would much rather get in the car with someone who has been smoking cannabis than someone who had been drinking alcohol. I am a medical cannabis patient and I drive for my day job doing deliveries. I smoke every day, and even though I have cannabis in my system, I am NOT impaired. Cannabis does not effect my driving in the least. In fact I’ve found that it is quite the opposite.

I know to you I am just a random email, and my evidence is anecdotal at best, but please, I beg you to re think your stance on this issue. I understand that different substances effect people differently, but in the end, just like with alcohol, that decision has to be made responsibly by the person driving. Repealing the medical cannabis law in Montana will do nothing but take away medicine from people who really need it, and that is a step backwards.

I have lived in the Flathead Valley for many years, long before there was medical cannabis, and I know for a fact that if people want to smoke cannabis, they are going to smoke it regardless of the law. There is no sense in creating criminals out of normal every day productive members of society. We know for a fact backed up by sound scientific evidence, that cannabis is one of the safest substances known to man. It will be far more productive and beneficial for the community if we can use this new industry to create jobs and give people a safe alternative to many of the pharmaceuticals they are taking. Please if nothing else, read the book My Medicine by Irvin Rosenfeld. In there you will find many studies about how safe and effective cannabis is in treating a long list of ailments and symptoms.

Thank you for your time in reading this.

A concerned, daily cannabis smoking, productive member of the Flathead Valley. And now, here is what you can find in this episode of the Hot Box podcast.

— When asked about his stance on HB-33 and medical cannabis in Montana, Great Falls representative Jesse O’Hara stated, “I will vote to repeal the law. I do not want people on our roads that are under the influence.” This is simply unacceptable, and we should all write him a nice, mature and to the point letter about why we all feel he needs to rethink his stance. His email address is jesse59404@yahoo.com, his fax number is 406-444-4825 and his actual phone number is 406-761-0088. Please, we need to educate these people before they make the wrong decision and force marijuana back underground. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. If you would like to read, copy and send the letter I wrote to them, You can find it written above.

— If you do a podcast that has the word Marijuana in the title, you are NOT allowed to bitch at people bitching at you because you aren’t talking about pot. If you wanna talk about the sex you’re not having, and the dildo’s you wish you were using, then start another show. No wonder people hate you.

— If you are opposed to medical cannabis and you are using your children as the reason, you should really reassess your stance. How many children has cannabis killed? Hmm, still 0. How many children has alcohol killed? TONS. Do the math and go join M.A.D.D.

— Lawmakers in Montana hear medical marijuana testimony. I hope we can show them that they are scared of nothing, and Montana will be much better off having a good medical cannabis law.

— Our medical cannabis industry here in Montana is pretty successful, don’t punish us for that. It has the capability to put a lot of people back to work. Would you rather have people working or sucking up all that free unemployment money? Your choice.

— Having two doctors sign off on medical cannabis is ludicrous. How many doctors have to sign off on an Oxycontin prescription? Oh, just one? Interesting. Plus, I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but most of us can barely afford to go see ONE doctor. How are we supposed to see two?

— Has everyone been equally offended this evening? Good, then I’ve done my job.

— Oh, and Jason Christ has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of us, so please STOP SAYING he is the Montana medical cannabis industry. HE IS NOT.

— Here is another article we talk about having to do with Montana medical cannabis and the new legislation they are trying to propose. It’s good to see the patients finding their way to Helena and showing the people in charge that we are normal good, hard working every day citizens.

— God bless Texas. He certainly did. Terry Glenn gets arrested for driving while intoxicated and possession of marijuana. At least he can afford to make it go away. A normal person would be still sitting in jail.

— If you have pounds of weed in your car, it’s probably not a good idea to fall asleep in it. Especially when you are slumped over the driver seat with your lights on and a bud sitting on your dash. Some people’s children…

— Florida is a big NO NO state for pot. If you are a cop, you should really be more careful when you’re stealing weed from the evidence locker. Did you know that marijuana is schedule one and it might kill you? See how silly that sounds? Talk about throwing your life away.

— Let’s go over why marijuana had NOTHING to do with the guy who went on a shooting spree in Arizona. Here is a Huffpo article, and here is one from the 420 times. Talk about poor, biased reporting. Hey, do you remember when reporters actually reported the facts? Thank you 420 times for getting it right.

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