Ep 52: Birth Control


“Are you doing a psa for safe sex brought to you by the Hot Box podcast?”

Ok, I’m going to do a couple of these back episodes, but that’s about it. I will start keeping up with them from now on, so we won’t get behind like that again. If any of our listeners would like to volunteer some time, you could go through the old episodes and outline the main talking points. Just look at the notes I’ve done, and do that. Thank you!

— If you want to check out other marijuana or cannabis related podcasts, check out Marijuana Podcasts. This is a marijuana podcast directory created by our friends over at the Cannabis Agenda. Great idea guys. Also while talking about these guys, they had a great idea. In order to most effectively cover the cannabis news, we need our listeners to help. Are there stories from your locale? Well then send it in. We are but two people with a ton of other shit going on, so anything you guys can do to help, is greatly appreciated.

— Check out Sandy’s new shop! If you are local and have your card, or want to get your card, swing by Compassion Centers of Montana. Email info@hotboxpodcast.com for more info. You can also join their Facebook group.

— Thanks to Berger for sending this one in. Michigan is total cabbage right now with their weed studies. Hey, if it does or doesn’t, it’s really not that big of a problem. Marijuana messes with fertility? Doubt it. This part gets a little out of control of course. I mean we’re talking about sex, what do you expect?

— Guns and pot, so what do you think? As long as the pot plant doesn’t get a hold of the gun, I think you are ok. Oh right, but it’s schedule one. Hmm. If only we could do something about the schedule.

— You should watch the live shows, and you’ll get to see visual stuff like Sandy imitating a cowboy shooting up the place.

— Let’s talk about what pot smells like. Thanks to Berger for sending this one in. The smell of pot should not be reasonable cause to kick a door down. So cocaine has medical benefits but cannabis does NOT? Are you kidding me? Is it April 1st yet?

— Why do we have limits on how much medical cannabis we can have? That also is very silly. You can buy all the alcohol you want as long as you have the money for it (thanks Cannabis Agenda) but I can’t have more than a couple ozers on me?

— Here’s a story from Chronic Candy about Montana’s new proposed DUI bill. Ken, you should educate yourself on how cannabis can be in your system for up to a month or two after smoking. Plus, cannabis does NOT impair everyone. I can smoke just fine and drive better than everyone in Kalispell can drive sober. I prove it EVERY DAY. Jim Gingery from the MMGA has some nice quotes in this article.

— Even more Michigan messing up their marihuana laws. Come on guys, it’s not that hard. Get your shit together so your patients can have access to their medicine. You are hurting people the longer you wait to do this. Pardon my language in this section, but you guys have it seriously wrong.

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