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“You took the Christ out of Christmas.”

Are we the enemy? Nah, we’re here to help educate and entertain. How are we doing so far? We encourage you to let us know. Follow us on all our social networks, located on the right hand menu. Now I’d like to welcome back our good friend from Texas, Denton Ramsey. He started a new site called CannaTruths, Facts About the Plant. You can find Denton’s marijuana / cannabis related writings there, and on the Jamhole / Hot Box forums in the cannabis fact box section. If we expect anything to change or get better, we MUST get educated. If you are already educated, then it is your duty to help educate others. We need to use these great tools and this amazing infrastructure we’ve created to our benefit. There is no better more efficient way to share information than on the Internet. Without further ado, I give you Denton Ramsey, and his piece entitled, “Cannabis in America: Mixed Messages, or Laced Lies?”

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Cannabis in America: Mixed Messages, or Laced Lies?

By Denton Ramsey

While the world currently has me confined to writing my columns on an iPhone, that’s not going to stop me from getting the word out on CannaTruths.

And while we’re just days away from 2012, our country’s Congress remains as ignorant as ever when it comes to cannabis.

Or maybe it’s not ignorance as much as it is continual reefer madness.

Regardless, the outcome is the same: the prohibition of a medicinal plant remains intact.


I’ve been asking that question for years, and sadly the answer remains the same: our government’s propaganda and lies.

In a recent 27-page document, a US District Judge stated that “marijuana remains illegal under federal law, and in Congress’ view, it has no medicinal value.”


That’s literally ludicrous.

Cannabis has helped and continues to help numerous ailments and conditions.

Any doctor in their right mind will tell you that’s true.

And when it comes to our country’s cruelest killer, cancer, cannabis is likely the cure-all remedy we’ve all been looking for.

America needs to wake up before its too late.

Thankfully, numerous states have stepped up in terms of at least decriminalizing cannabis.

However, this miracle plant remains illegal under federal law.

And until that changes, we must continue to fight for our right to choose a safer alternative in cannabis.

Denton Ramsey’s columns may be accessed at http://cannatruths.wordpress.com and he may be reached via email at cannatruths@gmail.com

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