Ep 101: Treatment and Education


“Drug prohibition from every aspect has been a complete catastrophe.”

The problem with the war on drugs, is the war on drugs. Why are you starting fights with people like that? Why are you treating things that should be health related, like criminal offenses? That’s the most appalling thing of all, for now at least. I’m sure if we give them time they will blow us away with something even worse. Listen, if people have drug problems, they are treated like criminals, rather than the alternative. What’s the alternative? Hmm, some sort of empathy and humanity for someone going through a hard time in their life perhaps? It’s maybe a bit hard to understand unless you’ve gone through it yourself, but still. Jail? Really? Sure, if they keep doing it over and over again after you’ve helped, or they’ve helped themselves over and over, then OK, but is it criminal? Not hardly.

The act of theft because a junky is trying to get money to buy something that is going to make what is, to him, the worst feeling sickness they’ve ever experienced, go away, then maybe the problem isn’t criminal. It’s been described as every cell in your body, bones, joints, muscles, skin, hair, all screaming at the same time to make it stop. But the only thing that will make it stop is more. This can be helped, but only if people are willing to look at it in a different light. Maybe we should look at helping that person get regulated doses of what they need, until they can step off gently, rather than putting them in jail during cold turkey withdrawals, creating in essence, a demon that will be hard pressed to go back in it’s box. That sort of experience will change a person, and not for the better.

Perhaps you should do a little internal housecleaning of your moral standards before you try to point fingers at people who are just trying to feel better, for whatever reason. Life sucks sometimes, but turning people into second class citizens or criminals because they are smoking pot is just ludicrous, especially if it has more positive than negative effects. Let’s start there, and we’ll work on the harder drugs later. I mean most of what these junkies are robbing for is manufactured in BULK by our handy pharmaceutical companies. I’m sure some of them would love the chance to help some people who have inadvertently gotten hooked on their drugs.

But I digress, here’s some show notes for what we talked about in episode 101 of the Hot Box.

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– On this episode the Hot Box Marijuana Podcast, we would like to welcome Former Assistant Attorney General and distinguished member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), Mr. John Amabile. John is currently principal partner at Amabile & Burkly, P.C. in Brockton, MA. which specializes in civil and criminal litigation. He received his B.A. from the University of Colorado and J.D. from Boston College Law School. For more information, you can find John Amabile on LEAP.

– For another great interview with John Amabile about ending the war on drugs, check out Black Talk Radio.

Here is the article we were discussing. Poor Bryan Gonzales. Being a member of the Border Patrol is thankless work. Telling the truth gets you fired from a government job. Just remember that.

– Just for fun, if you want to be a border patrol agent, here is a test test you can take.

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