10mm Recyclers by Shana Glassgirl – HBP Live Sesh 11

On this Hot Box live sesh I have Blaek aka B_Hold_Glass back over to help me show off and take some dabs out of the new 10mm mini recyclers from Shana Glassgirl. These rigs are quite beautiful in both their form and their function. We’ll be auctioning them off throughout the week on my IG page, so if you want a sweet deal on a sweet piece of glass, be sure to stop by my IG feed and check it out.

If you want your own sweet piece of glass from Shana Glassgirl, hit me up and let’s chat. We also currently have this auction happening here on my IG.

The auctions are clearly marked on my IG page, so make sure to turn notifications on so you don’t miss out!

Also make sure to check out the bad ass sword dabbers and dragon egg carb caps our friend B_Hold_Glass on IG is making. We’ll be auctioning off some of that dope shit this week also!

Thanks for checking out another Hot Box live sesh. Make sure to check out our friends at Stuff Stoners Like and if you want to read some cannabis industry business stuff, the CannaBiz Journal.

Author: Mat Lee

Dab lab rat and rap writer. Creating dope shit since the chromosome split.