Ep 54: The Law of Mat


“Just so you all know, we’re going to abide by the law.”

I hope you all enjoy this episode and appreciate the time Sandy and I take out of our week to bring you this content. I apologize for the quality of the interview with Mason Tvert, Denver’s internet seemed to be having some problems keeping up with all the State of the Union tweets. Anyways, he had a lot of good information on how to further educate the people. If you want to check out what Mason and his crew are doing, go to SaferChoice.org. It seems like a really smart angle to take on the whole cannabis debate. Logically, if you have one substance that is legal, and one substance that is illegal, yet the illegal substance is safer not only for the individual, but for the whole community, then it should be common sense that the safer substance would be just as legal, if not more, than the substance that is detrimental. Of course once you take into account the 80 plus years of negative cannabis propaganda, it becomes clear to see why everyone is having such a hard time realizing what many of us have years ago. I understand if you are told something is bad for you over and over again, especially by those who govern you, and you never get the balls to try it yourself and come to your own conclusions, then you will of course have that negative perspective on the substance. But if you keep an open mind, and look at the world around you, and see how many people have been smoking for how many years, and none of us have suffered any negative effects, whether at the communal level, or at the individual level, you have to question what those in power are shoveling down your throats. If it tastes like shit, then chances are it’s probably shit you’re eating. So we keep repeating the same statistics and showing all of the people with medical conditions cannabis has actually helped, and hopefully one day all of our efforts will pay off. Until then, stay safe, and blaze one!

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