Special: MMGA Cannabis Conference Part 4


Here is part 4 of the audio from the Helena Montana Medical Growers Assocation Cannabis Symposium that I went to back in September.

If you would like to show your appreciation for the countless hours spent up late nights when I should have been well in bed for work the next morning, feel free to contribute some motivation in the form of a pay pal donation.

This part you will hear from Brandon, introducing the alternative delivery methods, ┬áRose who will tell us about the chemistry behind butter, the science of alternative delivery methods, and why you MUST reach Decarboxylation for your cannabis edibles to have effect. Then we hear from┬áthe executive chef from Montana Cannabis who gets a little stage fright, but it’s all good. After that Von talks about other delivery methods including extracts and tinctures. This is great stuff, so listen and learn, and I hope you all can gain something from this.