HBP 121: Cozy Blanket of Protection


“I consume some cannabis, and I can sleep.”

It’s the Hot Box marijuana podcast, your favorite weekly internet talk show focused on the cannabis plant, the culture, and this failed drug war we find ourselves in the middle of. Mat Lee here as usual, joined by Ian Baker, and in this episode of the Hot Box we start the show with a discussion about Fibromyalgia and cannabis as a legitimate treatment. After that we talk about politicized science and Drug Enforcement Administrator Michele Leonhart’s comments about which drugs are better than others. Then we discuss the great corrupted flip flop that is the Obama Administration, and how you can fool the masses into voting for you. It’s the brand new HOT BOX EXXXTREME! Now with more talking. We’re just here to blow your mind. Tap more and keep on reading for some show notes. As always, follow the Hot Box on Twitter, the Facebook page, and Google+ to find out when our live marijuana podcast starts. Hot Box TV baby, Hot Box tv!

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Ep 102.5: Dope and Dog Food


“I mean, if the CIA can sell crack right?”

From the great state of Texas to big sky country Montana, listen as we welcome Denton Ramsey and Professor Bluntston to the Hot Box. These guys do some great work down in Texas, and have started a couple of interesting cannabis talk shows. If you are sick of all the negative propaganda and lies about cannabis, just like we are, then check out and subscribe to CannaTruths and the Reefer Rhetoric shows. For now, sit back, blaze one for the nation, and enjoy this special half episode where we really get to know the people behind these great educational marijuana and cannabis focused shows. Do you know what the difference between marijuana and cannabis is? If you are shaking your head right now, take a listen.