Special: MMGA Cannabis Conference Part 1


Here is part 1 of the audio from the Helena Montana Medical Growers Assocation Cannabis Symposium that I went to back in September. The whole event was streamed live, and I also recorded some video. There will be video of the main talks, including Irvin Rosenfeld, Jim Gingery, and Hiedi Handford. The rest of the conference will be provided in audio format for your listening pleasure. It takes my current setup about 7 hours to complete just 1 hour of watchable video, so I’m getting all of the audio clips out first, then I will post the video on our YouTube page.

If you would like to show your appreciation for the countless hours spent up late nights when I should have been well in bed for work the next morning, feel free to contribute some motivation in the form of a pay pal donation.

This part is the Montana Medical Growers Association Executive Director, Jim Gingery introducing the conference, and giving us some great information on what’s been going on in the world of Medical Cannabis in Montana. Take a listen and leave any feedback you may have on the comments section below this post. Even if it’s just saying thank you. You can see the video below. It’s a 4 part series. If you know someone who works at YouTube, I would love a director account. That way when I post helpful, educational material such as this, I don’t have to waste hours chopping up 15 minute pieces. Thanks!