Special: MMGA Cannabis Conference Part 7


Here is part 7 of the audio from the Helena Montana Medical Growers Assocation Cannabis Symposium that I went to back in September. This is the last talk of the series.

If you would like to show your appreciation for the countless hours spent up late nights when I should have been well in bed for work the next morning, feel free to contribute some motivation in the form of a pay pal donation. At the very least, spread the word about the Hot Box and the MMGA. We’re doing great things for medical cannabis!

This part you will first hear from Talyn Lang, the Missoula chapter head of the MMGA speaking about customer service. With him speaking also is Pam Bouchard. After that we hear from Grant Redfield, who speaks about grow room safety and business operations. Then at the end you briefly hear from J.B. who is the man with Green Point Insurance.┬áThis is great stuff, so listen and learn, and I hope you all can gain something from this. I apologize for the quality of the audio, I actually spent an hour or so cleaning it up. You should have heard it before I fixed it. Anyways, this is the last talk from room 2 at the 2010 Helena MMGA Cannabis Conference. The camera ran out of tape so I apologize for not having the rest of the room 2 talks. You’ll just have to try and make it next year, or write to the MMGA head, Jim Gingery, and tell him you want the Hot Box at the conference.

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