Special: 2011 Garden City Cannabis Expo (Group Discussion)


This is audio from the group discussion speaking about moving forward. What can we do as supporters of cannabis? Listen to this and find out. You’ll hear John Masterson (Montana Norml), Katrina Farnum (Garden Mother Herbs), Chris Lindsey (Lindsey Law) Mat Lee (The Hot Box) and many more. If you are in this discussion and I didn’t get your name on here, email info@hotboxpodcast.com and let me know. This was a fantastic group discussion, I’m super happy we were able to bring this to you. If you want to see the Facebook event page, it’s right here.

A huge thanks to everyone who wasn’t afraid to show their face, and their support for cannabis in Montana. We’ll have more content from the Garden City cannabis expo as I get it put together, cleaned up, and rendered. Look forward to more audio discussions, a special Hot Box episode LIVE from the cannabis expo with all of the interviews we did, video of Senator Dave Wanzenried’s talk, product reviews from some of the cool people who were selling goods, Ed Rosenthal the master botanist himself, and of course, lots of pictures. If you appreciate all the time and work we put into the Hot Box, you can contribute monetarily, or send us something cool to the P.O. Box. We also take items for review. Note, any items we review will be considered gifts, and will not be returned. But you already knew that.

Author: Mat Lee

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