HBP Special Torchside Chat at Sweet Tooth


Heady Glass Torchside chat

Welcome back to this special flame working torchside chat. A while ago I sat down and recorded a sesh with some of the glass artists over at Sweet Tooth in Eugene Oregon. If you are subscribed to the podcast, you’ll get the audio from this sesh. If you would like to check out the video, check out the post over on SPOG. Sorry about the audio quality. Shit just gets loud.

Make sure you follow each one of these talented glass artists on Instagram. That’s where all deals happen.

Dalton aka Zack Galifianakglass

Adam aka Garden of Eden Glass

Jeff Williams


Enjoy the video. If you would like some new glass, be sure to check out these fine artists, as well as Sweet Piece of Glass. A lot of these heady glass artists are featured there. If you want to watch the video, check out the post on Sweet Piece of Glass.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram. I also have some music out if you are in the supporting starving artists mood.

Author: Mat Lee

Dab lab rat and rap writer. Creating dope shit since the chromosome split.