HBP Live: Sesh 2 – Dabado Thunderbox Pro and Jet Pack

Welcome to the Hot Box Sesh 2. In this sesh I’ll be reviewing the new gear from Dabado. Hit the read more for links.

The folks at Dabado were nice enough to send me the new Thunderbox Pro, and the Jet Pack to review. I also have the Bolt M, but I’ll review that in another sesh.

In this sesh I’ll be taking some dabs and talking about the new gear, then I’ll see if the original gold Bolt I first reviewed still works. As you may know, I reviewed the gold Bolt for Stuff Stoners Like back in February. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but if you read the comments on the SSL post, a lot of people had a lot of issues.

I’ve reviewed a lot of different portable vapes and nails. In this head to head on SSL, I put the Dabado Bolt against the SourceVapes Nail. Find out which portable rig reigns supreme.

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Author: Mat Lee

Dab lab rat and rap writer. Creating dope shit since the chromosome split.