HBP 190: Tayln Lang and LEAP Member Regina Hufnagel



Thanks for checking out the latest episode of the Hot Box. I’m Mat Lee, and in this episode I have two fantastic interviews for you. First up you’ll hear from Montana Patient Outreach Advocate Tayln Lang about where things are regarding Montana’s medical marijuana industry. After that I have a chat with LEAP member Regina Hufnagel. The original reason for the interview was to talk about what Canada is doing with a legal heroin program. Being the passionate individuals we are, we talked about so much more than just that. I want to thank Sean Monroy from 420 Friendly Illustrations for making our new Hot Box logo.


Read an article here on the Missoulian about the question and answer City Club hosted about I-182 in Missoula. Classic Steve Zabawa Montana Affluenza gold.

You can donate to the MTCIA here, or donate to the YES on I-182 campaign here. Montana medical cannabis patients need your help to fight this and get their safe access to medicine restored.


Regina Hufnagel is a member of LEAP. Regina began employment as a Correctional Officer with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. She says, “I like the idea of helping people. What law enforcement actually is, though, is a far cry from what I thought I’d be doing.”

Nice work Canada, we salute you for actually doing something to help these people, rather than treating them like criminals. Read about Canada and the legalization of heroin here on the Washington Post, or here on the Canada Gazette.

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Author: Mat Lee

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