HBP 163: Gooey Rabinski


Marijuana podcasting right here, right now, with the Hot Box and Gooey Rabinski. Gooey has been writing and following this weed counter culture stuff for a while now, so much in fact he wrote a little book entitled Understanding Medical Marijuana. You can get a copy on Amazon here, and be sure to check out his site over at GooeyRabinski.com. He’s also a contributing editor to Whaxy. Thanks for listening, and we’ll be seeing you soon.

Actually, sooner than you might think. We’ll be at the Northwest Cannabis Classic Saturday August 29th and Sunday August 30th at the Tacoma Armory. Come say high if you see me and the Professor walking around. We’ll be talking terpenes and business with anyone interested in having their poop soup processed into that golden goodness.

At the beginning of the podcast you’ll hear some audio we recorded in the hotel room while we attempted to go to Hempfest in Seattle. Of course day one was rained out and we had to work the rest of the time, but it was a fun conversation about the work Professor Progressor did in school.

Let’s welcome the great Gooey Rabinski to the Hot Box podcast.

Keep an eye on the Free the Choice Facebook page to keep up with the city council tyranny there in Clarkston Washington.

What are your thoughts on the responsible Ohio monopoly issue? I don’t get why it has to be a monopoly. Let the market sort itself out like you do with every other industry. Don’t be dicks because this is the cannabis industry.

What happens when the endocannabinoid system is denied the cannabinoids it needs to function properly? All sorts of nasty things like bad attitudes, extra stress, and cancer.

There’s a great article here on Reset.me explaining the EC for those who want more reading about it.

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