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“Just change the seeds.”

Thanks for coming back for another episode of our weekly marijuana podcast, the Hot Box. We have a great show for you this week. Join us as we talk about the latest marijuana news including an Alzheimer’s study in mice, better adjusted children, KindBanking to the rescue, DEA and garden stores, more refugees moving to Colorado, and so much more. Thanks for checking out the show, make sure to give us a nice review in iTunes when you subscribe.

Let’s start out the show with some research news. We have a study here on PubMed showing how cannabis can help prevent neuroinflammation in Alzheimer’s disease. Pretty interesting stuff, considering all of the scare propaganda telling us how bad cannabis is for our brains and for memory. Of course this study was done in mice, but all research has to start somewhere. Check out the study here.


Would you believe it if I told you that children born to mothers who use marijuana are better adjusted than children born to mothers who did not. At least that’s what Dr. Melanie Dreher showed NIDA about 40 years ago, right before they canned her funding, because they were not pleased with those results. Mary Jane Gibson wrote about it here on High Times.

KindBanking is here to fill the void that is legitimate banking for the cannabis industry. Founder and CEO David Dineberg says, “We are a business founded with family values and believe that the American Dream is possible within the cannabis industry.” Check out the article here.

If you shop at garden stores, watch out, because you might get raided by the DEA, who apparently has nothing better to do. That’s what happened to Angela Kirking in Illinois. Matt Sledge wrote about it here on the HuffPo.

Mike Adams asks on High Times, is black market marijuana winning in Colorado? Define the black market. It makes good business sense to purchase the cheaper cannabis, assuming the quality is equal. It wouldn’t be considered wise to buy a $100 quarter when your friend down the street will sell you the same quarter for $25.


If you live in Kelowna, BC, you should apply for the Head Grower & Greenhouse Manager here a THC Bank.

From growing healthy vegetables to chronic herbs in 48 hours. How? It’s called technology, and it would like to welcome you to 2014. Thor Benson wrote about it here on Motherboard.

More marijuana refugees moving to Colorado. This time from they are moving from North Virginia because their teenager has intractable epilepsy. Tom Jackman wrote about it on the Washington Post.

Another family might have to move if Maryland doesn’t get their shit together. Shannon Moore has twins with Miller-Dieker syndrome, which causes brain deformities. The three year old twins also suffer around 30 seizures every day. Mark Puente and Michael Dresser wrote about it in the Baltimore Sun.


Palm Beach County has opened up their first medical marijuana school. Except for the fact that they are only growing veggies, once Florida gets it’s shit together, you’ll be able to grow the most amazing cannabis there. Check out the article here.

The Weather Channel has something to say about all the marijuana people are growing in California. Apparently it is contributing to the drought.

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