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“Contribute to the movement, don’t just leech off it.”

Mat and Kyle back for another Sunday episode of the Hot Box. Join us as we talk about medical marijuana stores and coffee shops in Denver, taxing those recreational herbs, Veterans with PTSD getting relief from cannabis, the National Epilepsy Foundation speaks about cannabis, the Unmuzzle the Drug Czar Act of 2014, Oaksterdam’s Freedom Fighters program, Oregon’s FAQ for medical marijuana, a medical marijuana bill in Tennessee, and so much more. Thanks for checking out the show!

Got just a tad bit of listener email here. If you live in a state we talk about, or should talk about on the show, email info at hotboxpodcast. That’s what Darren did. Did you know you can get seriously hammered in Oklahoma for having keef in your grinder? That’s insanity. Complete and utter insanity.


Did you see this study? It shows that medical marijuana stores have no more of a impact on neighborhoods than coffee shops. See, we told you so. The University of Colorado did the study. William Breathes wrote about it over on the Westword blog.

How much tax would you be willing to put up with in order to have your recreational legal weed? How about 21.12%? For some reason that seems a bit much, but I guess in context that’s a decent price for not having to worry about being a criminal. But then again, why should you have to worry about that anyway? Just because the government had a racist hard on back in the day? That’s completely ludicrous. Noelle Crombie wrote about it on the Oregonian.


Have you watched season two of House of Cards? You probably should.

Veterans in New Mexico are using medical marijuana to ease their PTSD symptoms, even though they risk violating federal drug laws. Why should they have to choose? That’s ridiculous. Angela Kocherga wrote about it on KHOU.

The National Epilepsy Foundation has called for increased access to medical marijuana. This is super. We all know that high CBD strains are really effective at managing seizures. It’s really good to see a well recognized foundation like this get on board with the truth. Thomas H. Clarke wrote about it on the Daily Chronic.


H.R. 4046 is known as the Unmuzzle the Drug Czar Act of 2014. This is pretty cool, and definitely needs to get pushed through. Check it out here on Congress.gov.

Oaksterdam is back with it’s Freedom Fighters program. They offer four seats per semester. We should really get Kyle down there for this. April M. Short wrote about it on AlterNet.

Oregon has released it’s PDF FAQ for the medical marijuana program. Come to think of it, this is pretty good information for those who aren’t “in the know.” Noelle Crombie wrote about it on the Oregonian, and you can check out the PDF here.

Rep. Gloria Johnson of Tennessee is co sponsoring a bill that would allow patients suffering from certain qualified medical conditions to use the plant to relieve their woes. It’s personal for her, because her father had Multiple Sclerosis, but medical marijuana was never an option for him. Hopefully others won’t have to suffer the same fate, but Governor Bill Haslam says he doesn’t think it has a realistic chance of passing this year. Mary Scott wrote about it on WBIR.


This is the smartest girl scout ever. She’s selling cookies at a cannabis clinic in San Francisco. Apparently the Girl Scouts didn’t find this very amusing. Colin Daileda wrote about it on Mashable.

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