HBP 137: Broken Promise Land


“Even if it means nothing, it means something.”

Here’s another fresh episode of our marijuana podcast, The Hot Box. On this episode we talk about getting rid of the federal ban on marijuana, Randy Simmons the new pot guy in Washington, Nevada getting a measure going to legalize, the Massachusetts state Attorney General going against bans, the UN putting in their two cents, marijuana vs Oxycontin for pain, and more hemp discussion. All this and more on episode 137 of the Hot Box.

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Check out this USA Today article about bills that want to get rid of the Federal ban on marijuana. Here’s a great step in the right direction.

This should have been my job. But it’s not. So meet Randy Simmons, and he’s going to sell weed like no one has ever sold weed before. This is going to be a new system that is completely untested across the planet. No one knows what will happen. Ok, I’m done being sarcastic now.

Nevada has a measure going up to legalize marijuana possession. I mean seriously, I’m surprised it took them this long. You can get ANYTHING you want in Nevada. It’s good to see them trying to ease up on marijuana. You know, the least of your problems.

In Massachusetts, state Attorney General Martha Coakley said flat-out bans are illegal because they “frustrate” the purpose of the state law.

The UN should probably just mind their own business and focus on getting rid of terrible dictators in Africa or something. They say that Washington is obliged to ensure nationwide implementation of a drug convention “to which the United States is party” and which bans recreational marijuana use. That doesn’t sound like a very good thing and is only causing more problems.

Do you have severe pain? Check out this story about Marijuana versus Oxycontin. What handles your severe pain?

Check out Kelsie’s hemp shop over on Etsy. It’s pretty awesome. She’s a Knottress, a Macramaiden, if you will.

Speaking of hemp, check out this article about hemp on WestWord.

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