HBP 132: The M Word


“What do we as American’s value?”

Alright check this out, another week, another fresh episode of your favorite weekly marijuana podcast, The Hot Box. Mat Lee here with some show notes for episode 132. Sorry about the delay while we got another co host together, but I think Kelsie has been doing a great job the last two episodes, so we might as well keep her. You would think it’s not that hard to find someone who can have a somewhat intelligent recorded conversation about cannabis / marijuana, but then you would be surprised. Most people are just weird about having what they say about weed be recorded. I blame the negative stigma the government has drilled into everyone’s head for that one. But seriously, we’re just here to inform, educate, and entertain. If we do at least one of those things each episode, our mission is accomplished. Keep on reading for links to articles. Thanks for listening!

So, it’s the end of 2012. What did we used to know about weed back in the day, and what do we know about weed now? Here’s an interesting look back from Fortune circa 1971. Man we used to be stupidly silly.

If you were the warden of Superjail, what kind of inmates would you rather have? Pot heads or rapists and murderers? It all kind of makes sense now.

I don’t know what kind of hash these guys were smoking in the article, but I have never hallucinated from smoking hash. I’m pretty sure that’s not what those guys were smoking. I’m pretty sure that was either opium or PCP.

So after all that, about 30 minutes of reading what we know, we’ve come to the conclusion that we still apparently don’t know shit about shit. Fantastic, moving on.

Here’s what I know about this shit after seeing poor Montana get it’s medical marijuana industry completely destroyed by ignorance and the Federal Government. So this is what we know now.

The Salon has an interesting article about why legal marijuana is good for kids. Keep reading and listening, because it’s not what you think. Yeah, someone dies. So much for our nations drug laws protecting the kids.

Just say no. Remember? When a cop asks you if you want to sell him weed, you just say NO!

If you are a Tri-City medical marijuana patient, you should probably vote NO on I-502 in Washington. This will in essence, end your ability to legally drive. Yea guys, I’m sure this is going to keep the streets safe from those crazy drunk drive… I mean stoned drivers. Stop being dicks. And what toxins are you talking about?

Hey Oregon, remember when you passed medical marijuana laws then everyone thought it would be a good idea to give the cops 24 hour access to that registry? Well, look what happened. Let’s hope this is being used for good, and not to just be more dicks. How many requests have been made, for their own good?

Here’s an interesting article from New Mexico talking about how marijuana laws punish non conformists. I mean if you look at what this whole drug war is doing, besides packing our prison system full of non violent drug offenders and keeping business for the prisons BOOMING, it really hasn’t done any real good for society.

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