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“Cannabis doesn’t kill people, bad laws kill people.”

Hello and welcome to another episode of our medical marijuana / cannabis talk show. Mat Lee here and I know, it’s been a bit since our last episode, but I’m glad to say we’re well on our way to getting things back on track. On tonight’s show we have Hiedi Handford back to get us all up to speed on what is going on in the local Montana Medical Cannabis industry. It’s almost time to vote, so make sure you are ready and armed with the proper information to make the right choices. You know what is really gross and disgusting? The fact that OUR government is responsible for more death and destruction than cannabis EVER has, or ever could. Are you as disgusted by that as I am? Then get out and vote NO on IR-124!

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Let’s welcome Hiedi Handford from Let’s Connect USA back to the Hot Box.

Chris Williams is setting history by being the only man in Montana who has been convicted by a jury in federal court for his role as a medical marijuana caregiver under Montana state law. This is completely appalling. Do you agree? Then sign the petition.

In this article, Chris Williams says he will continue to fight for what is right. In this article, we talk about the most ridiculous plea deal I’ve ever heard. Sure, let me give up the few rights I still have left so I can validate your disgusting drug policy.

Let’s take a moment to remember the people who have given their lives, or had their lives taken away from them, while fighting for what they believe. The cannabis plant is a help, not a hindrance. The only negative aspect of cannabis is the law humans have lied their way into putting into place. That’s the real crime.

There is going to be a rally on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1st 2012 at 9am for convicted caregiver Chris Williams and the campaign against IR-124. Come out to the Missouri River Federal Courthouse @ 125 Central Avenue West in Great Falls to show your support for cannabis, and the people who are fighting for it. For more information, check out the Facebook event page.

Here is a great tool for the upcoming elections reported by . How do you make a rational logical decision on which liar to vote for? You go to VoteMedicalMarijuana.org and click on your state, then get informed on how these people have voted in the past. Here is a great article about how it all got started and how it works on Toke of the Town.

Just in case you are confused or still wondering why and how to vote in order to save medical cannabis in Montana, here is some great information from our friends over at Patients for Reform not Repeal.

– On IR-124, vote AGAINST SB 423 because it overturns the will of Montana voters and hurts patients and doctors.

– Vote AGAINST SB 423 because patients have now lost their rights originally granted when voters enacted the state’s medical marijuana law in 2004.

– IR-124 is our chance to stand up to the politicians and stand up for patients by voting AGAINST SB 423.

– Vote AGAINST SB 423 because it was designed not to work. A leading supporter, Sen. Larry Jent, says, “This was meant to be a de facto repeal, and it worked. And, that’s why we did it that way.” Don’t believe politicians who pretend SB 423 is a workable law.

– Vote AGAINST SB 423 because it’s impossible for suffering patients. The politicians told patients to “grow your own,” but left no legal way for patients to obtain medical marijuana plants and seeds to grow for themselves. What other medicine is left to patients to make for themselves?

If you would like more information, they have also produced this handy video.

Congratulations to Hiedi Handford and Irv Rosenfeld for becoming a couple. Probably one of the most bad ass cannabis activist couples out there doing amazing work for the industry. If you haven’t already, check out Irv’s book, My Medicine. It’s an amazing story. You can get a copy here on Amazon.

In more local Montana cannabis news, Judge Reynolds has issued a temporary restraining order that blocks the full effects of the law, at least until the hearing. If you want to go to the hearing, it will be Tuesday November 13, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. in the Lewis and Clark County Courthouse. If you are at all able, please get there and show your support. The MTCIA has more information here.

More depressing cannabis news from Missoula. 5,500 medical marijuana card holders in Montana will likely lose their current providers after the Montana Supreme Court denied a request by medical marijuana advocates to revisit its ruling last month that there is no constitutional right to access the drug. How ridiculous is this? Drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts.

Ravalli County Sheriff Chris Hoffman might be in some hot water after he sent a letter from a county email address, which was drafted on county letterhead, sharing his personal opinion on the medical marijuana initiative on the upcoming ballot. Not good.

Let’s hop over to the Montana Cowgirl blog for an interesting article entitled, “A constitutional crisis in the making? Governor Essmann?” Check out the full article here.

Let me school you on why Homeopathy is a SCAM. This will only take a quick second.

Before we wrap things up, let’s move on over to Colorado and discuss this article. They ask the question will the green rush last? Colorado seems to have a little easier of a time than we have here in Montana. How many raids happened in Colorado? How many happened in Montana? Why are they happening at all? It’s 2012, let’s put a stop to this ridiculousness and let this industry really show what it’s capable of.

Catch up with the work Hiedi Handford has been doing and check out their daily news show over at Let’s Connect USA.

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