HBP 128: Uneducated Masses


“If you live in a state that hasn’t been raped by the Federal government, good for you guys.”

Here we go with episode 128 of our pretty much weekly marijuana-ish podcast, The Hot Box. This might be one of the last shows for a while until Ian gets settled in his new digs, or I find someone else to pilot this star ship. Each and every week we feel the show focuses on and discusses the same monotonous news stories that come out day after day, week after week. Come listen to us beat this horse. Until things change at the federal level, nothing is ever going to change. You can chase state laws from now until the cows come home, but all you’re really doing is chasing tails. That’s fine, and sure, each state needs it’s own Hot Box to handle damage control on all the ridiculous lies and spin that comes out of the media. But that isn’t us. We can’t be in every state monitoring every news source. I mean we could I suppose, if we were properly funded, but alas, we’re not. So until we figure things out, enjoy and pass around the 128 episodes of this show we’ve produced, absolutely free, to the people who need a laugh and a little education in their lives.

This story has been all over the news around here. Richard Flor, one of Montana’s first medical marijuana caregivers, has died in custody in Nevada. He was in the middle of a slow process to move him to a prison better equipped to handle his health issues when he died. He was 68 years old and ran Montana Cannabis with his family.

Arkansas is having some medical marijuana problems. Well, not problems with the plant itself, but problems with the laws surrounding it. Leave it to the voters, if they know what they’re voting for. This is why nothing ever gets done. You spend all this hard work getting medical marijuana on the ballot, and this other group funded by god comes around and basically tries to get it removed. Let’s hear it for the faith and ethics council.

Have you ever seen the movie, “The Way Back?” How far would you walk?

Would you go to Mars? I sure would. Especially if it’s a one way ticket. Just imagine what starting a colony on Mars would be like.

A Beginners Guide to Endings is the movie I was talking about where the kids take the drug that kills them. Great movie by the way.

Most of the people who talk about growing the chronic, have no idea what they are doing or talking about.

Why are you selling pot near schools? This just seems like the worst place to open up a dispensary. You might as well paint a giant red target on your back. Shut down or else!

Here’s a new study that says marijuana is linked to low IQ in teenagers. How would you even know? Let me lay a little common sense on you. Kids shouldn’t do any drugs, whether it’s caffeine, Ritalin, or cannabis. Duh? Giving the body things like this should be kept away from a developing brain. How’s your IQ?

Would you second guess god? Did god give us the Cannabis plant, this Iboga plant, and all the other plants in the kingdom to use for our own free will human purposes?

Should marijuana be legalized for recreational use by adults? Umm duh? Sure why not? It’s going to help the economy and create some jobs. We’ve been over this before. Read the full article here. Good luck to the three states trying to pass more legislation at the state level. Enjoy the raids after it passes and more shops open up.

We get the government we deserve. Thanks. Don’t educate your slaves, otherwise they’ll revolt. Ignorance is bliss remember?

In California, they say Marijuana is a large cash crop, and with it comes crime and violence. You can probably say that crime and violence increase anywhere people are. I guess you need someone, or something to blame. Might as well be the cannabis.

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