HBP 118: Blaming Society


“You wouldn’t have much to say would you? Especially about David Howard.”

In this episode we discuss a drug that almost fits the Reefer madness propaganda the government has been brainwashing the people of the nation with for the last century. Of all the lies our government has filled our heads about in regards to marijuana, none of them are true. But, there is a drug problem that is really starting to live up to the hype. Ladies and gentleman, I present the one, OxyContin. But fear not, we don’t focus on this alone, on episode 118 we even talk about some medical marijuana, cannabis, and herb news. Did you know Obama was a pot head in school? Keep reading on for links to articles and a great

In March, Purdue Pharma stopped producing Oxycontin in Canada. Why? Because they are having a massive epidemic of abuse, particularly in northern aboriginal communities.

The number of pill babies born in America has tripled in the last decade. Nice work guys.

Life after Oxycontin, and will OxyNeo fix this problem?

Congrats to Connecticut, the 17th state in the union to get medical marijuana going. The MPP is trying to 28 states by November 2014.

Arizona may add more uses for medical marijuana.

Obama’s hypocritical war on Marijuana. Are you guys seriously going to re elect this liar? Oh and by the way did you know Obama smoked herb in high school? So basically he shows that you can smoke herb and then become president. Which think about it, how many star athletes puff chronic on the daily? A bunch, and they do just fine. So come on out of that herb closet, get off the dope and dog food, and do something right for a change.

Medical marijuana is not protected by disabilities act, a 9th circuit court rules. Medical marijuana patients cannot use a federal disability law to prevent cities from shutting down pot dispensaries.

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