HBP 107: Supply and Demand


“How is that not organized crime?”

Show of hands, who here smokes marijuana? Are you addicted? Do you have a drug problem? Well, maybe you do and maybe you don’t. Either way, I’m not here to judge. I’m here to write and talk, to rap and love, and in the process inform the good people of the world that hey, this is how our country handles it’s drug policy. You got a problem with that? Yea, so do we. That’s why we gather here each week to have intelligent discussions focused on cannabis, and how the industry can make a positive difference in their communities. So sit back, blaze one, and enjoy this weeks episode of the Hot Box.

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Let’s go over where the MTCIA stands with the lawsuit.

The number of Montana medical marijuana card holders has gone down because of your stupid legislation. The number of Montana marijuana pot smokers has either stayed the same, or gone up. You are losing out on tax money because of your ridiculous legislation. See what you did?

Let’s figure out how to let me create a huge Montana medical marijuana dispensary database on which the patients can rate and comment on the different dispensaries around the state. Let’s get on that.

It’s all about supply and demand. There wouldn’t be such a huge supply if there was no demand. People smoke pot, and will smoke pot regardless of how ridiculous you make the law.

Don’t say they are being dumb. They know exactly what they are doing. This whole thing has been copletely planned fron start to finish, including backup contigencies.

Let’s talk about religion for a few. This is always a fun conversation shining light on the ignorance of society. Damn I should have been a preacher. A preacher who knows he is taking complete advantage of his poor lost flock.

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Ignorance is bliss. What would you be doing right now if you didn’t know any better?

If you had to choose, what state would you get your medical marijuana card in? Apparently Oregon is the place to do it. See Montana, that’s how you make money year around.

If you live in New Mexico, good news! You might actually get your hands on some medical marijuana. It’s about time. Let’s be careful when we mix our cannabis and our homeopathic scams. One of these actually works, one of them is a scam. Did I mention it’s a scam? Be smart, if you want a placebo effect, come to me and I’ll give you one for half the price.

How do you make legislation more palatable to law makers? Alabama knows, you bribe them. Yea, the way politics is run, it’s borderline extortion. Do you hear banjo music?

What is the most common cancer afflicting the western world? If you said colon cancer, you are absolutely correct. Guess what else cannabis is good for? Thank you CBD.

Why do you feel guilty about tanning?

If you live in Washington you need to contact your Senator and urge their support of SB-6265. This is probably important.

How does a legit medical marijuana business get financing? Apparently it’s quite hard to find a bank that isn’t afraid of the Federal Government. Colorado might have something figured out. Ever heard of a pot bank?

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