Ep 79: Unlimited Hypocrisy


“I find it sad that we can only vote for things and not against things.”

So, we’ve had a lot of stuff going on in the past week since we last talked to you. Some of it good, most of it bad. There was a great blog post by Montanafesto about the back and forth hypocrisy of the federal government, and some of this information was taken from that post. I highly recommend you read the original post, because it’s filled with a ton of great information and videos.

Do you remember back in June of 2007, when Obama was asked about medical marijuana and the federal government’s stance on it, he said, “I don’t think that should be a top priority of us, raiding people who are using medical marijuana. With all the things we’ve got to worry about, and our Justice Department should be doing, that probably shouldn’t be a high priority.” Then a couple months later in August of 2007 when asked if the Federal government should stop medical marijuana raids, he stated again that, “You know, it’s really not a good use of Justice Department resources.” I fully agree with this statement. It is the worst use of governmental resources possible. You know, besides getting involved in religious wars that have absolutely nothing to do with us and that will never end.

Then, about a year after Obama was elected president (change anyone?), his administration released the Ogden memo. This memo informed U.S. attorneys that the U.S. government would NOT focus federal resources on prosecuting people who are operating within their STATE LAWS. Of course once that came out, people took it to mean that we could all open up legitimate business providing cannabis and care to people who have their medical marijuana cards. It’s silly to go out on a limb and open up a new business based on a memo, when the president did nothing to enforce that memo. If he was smart, he would have rescheduled cannabis, but he did not.

Fast forward to February, 2011 and we see yet another memo released. This one comes from U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag sent to John Russo, Oakland city attorney in response to his asking for clarification on the federal stance on medical marijuana. The memo basically states that the federal government will absolutely ENFORCE the Controlled Substances Act against individuals and organizations that participate in growing and selling cannabis, EVEN IF THESE ACTIVITIES ARE ALLOWED UNDER STATE LAW. So now what do the people do? Well, if we were smart, we would have put a stop to this long ago. But I understand, once you get a good, reliable, safe cannabis connection, whether legal or illegal, you really don’t care to change anything, because you are doing just fine. Well I’ll tell you what, there are a lot of people out there who are not doing just fine. We need to change this ridiculous drug policy for the good of ALL PEOPLE, for the good of WE THE PEOPLE.

So of course, people start getting raided here in Montana under fabricated charges of money laundering and drug trafficking, even though under state law, they are completely legal. We should have seen this coming. I guess that’s what we get for trusting those in charge. They are trying to divide the people. They are using old war strategy on the people who voted to put them in the positions of power they hold. Attack the finances and supply lines, and your enemy now has a real hard time continuing the fight. All this over a plant. A plant, that if fully realized, could unlock a lot of healing and preventative medicinal potential. Why are you so afraid of this? What are you afraid of? Do you need me to read you a bed time story, and tell you it’s going to all be ok? Well it’s not! Not until we put a stop to our very own government making criminals out of good, hard working, honest, tax paying citizens. You can’t put us all in jail, and we will NOT STOP until this whole corrupt system of government has been cleaned out, and we put people in charge who will actually do their public servant job properly. Now, for the show notes…

– I’m hosting solo tonight, but with a little extra help from my internet friends. First of all, let’s wish Ian Baker, my new co host, a Happy birthday, and we hope you had fun in Wyoming. Have a safe drive back from the concert!

– To start things off, I’d like to welcome our good friend Rose Habib back to the Hot Box. She is the owner and analytical chemist over at CannabAnalysis in Missoula Montana. Rose is also part of the MTCIA, and a great vocal supporter of the Montana Medical Cannabis Industry. We got a partial decision from the judge ruling that five parts of SB-423 will be thrown out because they are unconstitutional. Personally, I think the whole thing should have been thrown out, but unfortunately, we’ll take what we can get.

– Apparnetly Mike Milburn and Tom Essman think we the people are too stupid to know what we are voting for. Let’s all make sure to remember that when it comes time to vote for our public servants, we remember what they think of us. These people should be fired. RIGHT NOW.

The MTCIA is hosting a battle of the bands style fundraiser coming up this weekend. Join us at the Bandit bar in Columbia Falls on Saturday July 9th starting at 3pm. The winners will go on to play at a 3 day cannabis festival over Labor Day weekend. If you can’t make it in person, we’ll be streaming it live over the internet. Did you hear that Flathead Beacon and Daily Interlake? Yea, people are actually doing stuff with technology here, for the past few years. Where’s my news article? Anyways, all proceeds go towards helping the people take their rights back from the corrupt, draconian dictators who are destroying our fair land.

– Keep an eye out for the petition, and make sure you are registered to vote. You CANNOT SIGN THIS petition unless you are a registered voter. This is very important. For details, check out the petition page on the MTCIA website. If you want to get registered to vote, download the PDF right here, go in to Glacier Health here in Kalispell Montana, or go to any medical cannabis dispensary near you. If they are a good dispensary, they will be more than happy to help you get registered to vote. If you need to check your voter status, click here. This is for Montana only.

– The federal government is conducting raids on the bigger medical cannabis dispensaries here in Montana, and in other states that have medical marijuana laws. They are doing this under the false charges of money laundering and drug trafficking. These are completely fabricated and they are doing this in order to hurt the medical cannabis industries’ financial status, and to divide the people. If you want to charge us with something, charge us with following state law. If you don’t care about state law, then why do individual state’s have their own laws? This is the dark, ugly face of politics.

– If you want to get involved with this petition, make sure you sign up on the MTCIA website so we can contact you. We need people all across the state to go collect signatures. This is your chance to get off the couch and help make a difference. Go sign up and do something for the good of society.

– If you need to make sure you are stocked up for the dry spell, Rose can help you in Missoula at CannabAnalysis. Get a hold of her and find out what she can do for you. Thanks again for talking with us Rose! You are awesome and this movement is lucky to have you involved.

– Now let’s focus on the timeline of the memo hypocrisy, or as CannaPropaganda on the Montanafesto blog so succinctly put it, “The Obama Administration’s Schizophrenic Marijuana Policy: Ogden, Haag, and Cole.” This is why there will be more raids, and why everyone needs to be super safe, and watch your back. We aren’t out of the woods yet, and I can smell the big bad wolf sneaking up behind us.

– We have Rachel from Ohio on the line, a friend of mine from the Internet from way back. She is going to discuss the mental health aspect in regard to cannabis. She is also more than happy to talk to you about mental health and what she has gone through, so feel free to send her a message. You can follow her on Twitter and Tumblr. Also, Rachel has the last of the Hot Box stickers, so if you want some, get a hold of her and she will send them out.

– See, cannabis isn’t just for pain, or Multiple Sclerosis, or Glaucoma. This plant has a full potential of healing and preventative properties, and we are just starting to figure out exactly how amazing this plant can be. We the people have a great endocannabanoid system. Why do you suppose that is?

– If you want more information, check out the great 55 page PDF Ian from Glacier Health put together in regards to cannabis and the economy and crime rates here in Montana. There is a download right here, or you can get it in the Hot Box forums under the Cannabis Fact Box section.

– You all should check out the Montana governor’s Facebook wall. He is not making any new friends in regards to medical marijuana here in Montana. Go voice your opinion and tell him how you feel.

– Word on the street is there will be some more raids happening, so like we said before, watch your back, and be safe out there. Also, lots of people will be drinking and driving for the 4th of July, so be careful on the roads.

JimmyOne Greenthumb calls in to tell us a little more about the MTCIA Battle of the Bands. This is going to be fun, and it’s for a great cause.

– A huge thanks to everyone who joined us for this episode. Especially to Rose Habib from CannabAnalysis and Rachel from Ohio. I couldn’t have done it without you. Well, I could have, but it wouldn’t have been near as fun, or educational.

– Email info@hotboxpodcast.com or leave a message for the Hot Box at 406.204.4687. You can always text me personally with any questions, comments, or concerns at 406.848.1739. Also make sure you are a member of the Hot Box / Jamhole forums, and like the Hot Box on Facebook. We also have a Hot Box Facebook group. Get involved, and help spread the word. Also remember to sign up and volunteer some time to help the MTCIA. This is very important.

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