Ep 77: Not Feasible


“That is corruption in our government and it is up to the people to remove that.”

Due to life throwing curve balls, the Montana Legislature making laws that go completely against the will of the people, and the dying economy, the schedule for the Hot Box is no longer Tuesday and Saturday. As of right now, until further notice, we will try our best to do a show at least once a week. Whether that’s on a Sunday, Thursday, or Saturday, we have no idea. The best thing you can do to keep updated with us is to like the Hot Box Facebook page and follow the Hot Box on Twitter. We aren’t pod-fading, we are just having a hard time making ends meet right now.

You can help! Every contribution you make goes to help us survive, and not have to slave away for minimum wage. Donate some cash so we can get back on top of things. Every little bit helps. If 100 of you each gave 10 bucks, that would be a tremendous help! Anyways, sorry to pan handle, but times are tough, and the people who are supposed to be making changes to HELP the state, are doing the exact opposite. See you soon!

Author: Mat Lee

Dab lab rat and rap writer. Creating dope shit since the chromosome split.

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