Ep 48: Respect the Plant


“There’s a lot of things that you shouldn’t do online, and buying marijuana from anybody on Facebook is one of them.”

I know we have completely slacked off on the show notes, but I just got this in my email today and I thought this needed to be shared with as many people as possible. If you don’t know, Sandy and I will be in Missoula Saturday, January 8th to interview and broadcast a live audio/video feed of the talk Irvin Rosenfeld will give. The press release is after the break. Tweet this, facebook it, get it out everywhere you can. When this man speaks, people listen. Even the government. I highly recommend you get his book, My Medicine. If not for the amazing story of struggle and triumph this man has been dealing with since he was ten years old, then get it for all of the factual information that Irvin Rosenfeld has collected over the years and put in this book to share with and benefit all of us. This man knows what he is talking about, and I highly recommend hearing him speak if you ever get the chance! The knowledge you will leave his talk, or after reading his book armed with will be a great advantage when speaking to people who are still in the dark about medical cannabis. Some of them are in the dark by their own doing, while others are in the dark because they believe all of this misinformation that is floating around everywhere. If you can talk to these people with factual, logical TRUTHS about medical cannabis, and show them that medical cannabis is completely different from pot head teenager cannabis, I promise you will change hearts and minds, just as Irvin has been doing for over 30 years. I also recommend you visit the Patients Out of Time site, they have a lot of great medical cannabis information… And now, the press release.

I really hope as many of you make it to the Missoula Montana Book signing event at Zoo Mountain Natural Care on Saturday January 8th from 6pm to 8pm. All the information on the event can be found here on the Facebook group. Pack your cars and come hang out with the Hot Box, Irvin Rosenfeld, Montana Connect and much more! Hope to see you there!

Press Release January 7 2011

Patients Out of Time (www.medicalcannabis.com)

Florida Stockbroker Returns to Montana to help save Medical Cannabis laws

Irvin Rosenfeld, the longest surviving patient of the four Federal Medical Cannabis Patients in the United States and a Director for Patients Out of Time will be flying to Montana on January 8th to speak before the Montana Legislature for a week. Irvin will be there to educate people of the importance of Medical Cannabis and its true value as a medicine. As a Federal Patient for over 28 years, he has knowledge and experience that no one has in this country which he will share with others. To him, Cannabis is a medicine like any other medicine and should be treated that way. As Senior Vice-President of Investments for Newbridge Securities in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, he also understands the economic aspect and how this medicine creates jobs for thousands of Montanans.

“Montana is being watched Nationally, and what happens in this legislative session could set precedence around the world” states Rosenfeld. “Medical Cannabis Patients are productive members of society. I am living proof. I have been a stockbroker for over 23 years handling millions of dollars on a daily basis.”

“One of the biggest problems in Montana now is, they have had very bad press. The media in Montana has focused its efforts on one specific individual, and that has bled over Nationally. There are some very experienced, professional, caring people in Montana working very hard to care for patients who have went virtually unrecognized in Montana. I know, I have met many of them.”

“My goal is to help educate the politicians in Montana. There are some very intelligent people in Montana, and I am sure they will see the science and facts, and consider what is best for the people of Montana. Montana has a proud history of pioneering. It is my hope they will take the lead, and be the true pioneers for Medical Cannabis, and a shining example of the true value of not only Medical Cannabis but Hemp as well.”

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