Ep 105: Devil Weed


“We need the states and the attorney generals of the states to stand up for their rights as sovereign states.”

Welcome to episode 105 of the Hot Box marijuana podcast. Each week we discuss recent cannabis news, interesting marijuana related topics, and answer general questions about society. Join us each week live on Hot Box TV to participate in the live recording via our chat room. In this episode we would like to welcome distnguished LEAP member, Stephen Downing. The topic at hand is from this LEAP article about how YouTube ignored a question advocating marijuana legalization from a retired LAPD deputy chief of police that won twice as many votes as any other video question in the White House’s “Your Interview with the President” competition on the Google-owned site.

Who is Stephen Downing you may ask? Well, he began his twenty-year police career in a squad car and finished as a deputy chief of police. As Commander of the Bureau of Special Investigations at one point, the Administrative Narcotics Division was one of the divisions within his scope of authority. His vast experience in law enforcement has led him to the conclusion that the War on Drugs can never be worth the human and fiscal costs. You can find more articles about Stephen Downing here.

Does this being an election year have any effect on any of the candidates? Of course. No one wants to talk about the elephant in the room during an election year. Especially when that elephant smells like cannabis.

“We have bad law in this country, and we need to change that bad law.” -Stephen Downing

The prison industrial complex does not help anything here in the United States. How can people be productive when they are all behind bars?

Who really chose the questions for the Obama YouTube Google Hangout? Probably the White House.

You should be careful what you wish for, especially when dealing with our government. What would it take for Obama to get back in the good graces of “We the People?”

What do you think about Ron Paul?

We should be growing our own hemp, and we should be far more self sustaining than we are. It’s appalling how the bad law works honestly.

What’s the first step? Just like I’ve been saying since the start of the Hot Box. We need to get marijuana rescheduled. We need to utilize the power of the people and the power of votes, just like Mr. Downing said. We need people in office that are willing to serve the people, rather than serve their own pocketbook.

We also need to start voting with our money. Be more conscious of what you are buying.

It doesn’t matter if you do drugs, just make sure you never get caught. That’s what we’ve learned from our presidents. How do you think Obama would have been in office had he gotten caught doing cocaine and smoking pot back when he was younger? You think he would still have been elected?

It’s time to regulate marijuana like wine. The hundred year error needs to get fixed. If you think about it, the controlled substances act is a violation to our Constitution. This is the case, BOND V. UNITED STATES, that Mr. Downing was talking about.

Thank you so much to Stephen Downing for talking about the Obama YouTube Hangout question debacle.

Here’s some local news. A judge has ruled that Montana’s medical marijuana law does not shield providers of the drug from Federal prosecution. Not setting very good precedent now are we? Now what did we learn? Federal law trumps state law. The Federal government can do whatever they want.

If you are in the marijuana industry, you should donate to the Montana Cannabis Industry Association. Spend local.

Hey, can you bring the nerds? Now explain to me why SOPA and PIPA breaks the Internet. What a bunch of dicks.

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Here is a link to the full video question asked by Stephen Downing on YouTube to President Obama.

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