HBP 116: Ghost Towns


“Hey Billings, how’s your heroin problem?”

If you enjoyed our chat with MTCIA President Chris Lindsey, check out the Hot Box forums for more information on his Spring Seminar Series over at CardHolderSeminars.com.

Ep 103: Flip Flopping


“Here, smoke this, and it’ll be interesting.”

Do you smoke? Are you tired of fighting this ridiculous war? Yeah, we are too. It gets old saying the same things to the same people over and over again. We know, you get it, but you still aren’t off the hook. Tell a friend, help support the shows you love, whether that’s us or another, as long as you support something. For once in your life, be a part of something great. I kid, I kid. But seriously, let’s make a concerted effort to try and preach, not so much to the choir all the time, but to all humans in general. It sucks, I know. Trust me I know. But it simply needs to be done. Keep reading after the break for show notes. You know you love it.

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Ep 102: The New Middle Finger


“You took the Christ out of Christmas.”

Are we the enemy? Nah, we’re here to help educate and entertain. How are we doing so far? We encourage you to let us know. Follow us on all our social networks, located on the right hand menu. Now I’d like to welcome back our good friend from Texas, Denton Ramsey. He started a new site called CannaTruths, Facts About the Plant. You can find Denton’s marijuana / cannabis related writings there, and on the Jamhole / Hot Box forums in the cannabis fact box section. If we expect anything to change or get better, we MUST get educated. If you are already educated, then it is your duty to help educate others. We need to use these great tools and this amazing infrastructure we’ve created to our benefit. There is no better more efficient way to share information than on the Internet. Without further ado, I give you Denton Ramsey, and his piece entitled, “Cannabis in America: Mixed Messages, or Laced Lies?”

We hope you all have a merry Christmas, a festive Festivus, a holy Hanukkah, and a cool capitalism filled consumer day. We’ll see you next week. Keep in touch with us in between episodes on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. To get an email every time the show is live, follow us on Justin.tv. We also have discussions on the forums. IF you have a minute and an iTunes account, subscribe to the show and give us a review. The reviews help us get more listeners!

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